Acupuncture For Cynics

Acupuncture For Cynics

Have You Always Been Curious About Acupuncture, But Were Never Quite Sure Where To Stick The Needles? If you associate acupuncture with needles, pain and weird alternative medicine then you are horribly misinformed about the benefits of the world's oldest form of medicinal treatment.

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Alleviating depression

To acquire Postnatal Qi we need to work -in other words, we need to use energy in order to get more energy. When you cannot afford any more energy you will become ill and have to rely on other things -medicines from the West or East, acupuncture, herbal remedies, massage and so on. And when these can no longer help, you will have come to the end of life's road. Your whole body becomes quiet and you do not even notice your breathing, which slows down and seems to stop. This means you begin to breathe with your skin, through your acupuncture points. Now your body becomes part of the universe and you can recharge your energy. You will feel strong sensations flowing down the Front (Ren) Channel, through the Huiyin point (the acupuncture point between the two legs) and then going up through the Back (Du) Channel. The sensation may be warm and tingling, and you might see colours around your body and fingers. Whatever sensations you feel, treat them as normal. The main thing is that you are...

Why Doesnt Your Cultivation Energy Increase When You Do Cultivation

Some people believe that this elixir of immortality in placing a crucible onto a furnace to make the elixir of immortality with the gathered medicinal substances is exactly the cultivation energy, but it is not. This elixir of immortality contains only part of the energy, but not all of it. What is the elixir of immortality then As we all know, we still have another part which is used to cultivate life, our bodies will also turn out supernormal capabilities and the numerous magic arts, most of which are locked up and not allowed to be used. There are many supernormal capabilities, ten thousand kinds of them. As soon as one has taken form, it is locked up. Why do they not come out The purpose is that you will not be allowed to use them to do what you want to in ordinary human society, that you cannot interfere in it as you like, and that you cannot show off your abilities in it at will, because they will interfere with the state of ordinary human society. There are a lot of people who...

Can Reiki be used with other therapies

Reiki can be successfully combined with other therapies - it is completely safe and activates natural healing energy within us. It will enhance the effects of other complementary healing arts such as massage, acupuncture, shiatsu, reflexology, aromatherapy, chiropractic, colour therapy, homeopathy and many others. Many practitioners of other healing methods have reported positive developments in their work since learning Reiki.

Exercise Pulling out Nails Bo Ding Gong

Pulling Out Nails Kung

The exercise Pulling out Nails belongs to hard external training, it is the hard YANG force. It is one of the exercises which develop skill of hands, the locking force of thumb, forefinger and middle finger. The exercise is very simple. It is necessary to take a thick unabi, or jujube1 board, knock 108 nails with length of about 3 CUN (10 cm) into it and pull them out with the thumb and forefinger. If you can pull out nails with your hand, that is the end of the first stage on the way to mastership. Then, drive nails into a wooden board, sprinkle them with water, wait when the nails become rusty and pull them out as it was described above. If you are able to pull out nails with your hand, your skill has reached the highest point. It is a difficult exercise at the first stage, the skin bursts, blisters bleed, that's why it is necessary to wash hands with warm solution of lake salt2 with other ingredients after you finish doing the exercise. One may pull out 1000 nails at the last...

Mastery Of Time And Space

This finger-knitting mudra is formed by curling the fingers of the right hand around the extended index finger of the clenched left hand, and pressing against the outside edge of the fingernail with the right thumb (Figure 7). In acupuncture, this point is known as Sho Yo, the Young Merchant point. Used in the treatment of fever and diarrhea, the method is to press inward strongly with a sharp object, while inhaling for nine heartbeats (seven to ten seconds), and to do this three times. In meditation one need only touch this point, the large intestine meridian point number one, to remember it. This gesture imparts mastery of time and space at a range of three to five feet, depending on the student's level of accomplishment. It is related to the third eye, and can be employed to freeze an opponent psychically, much as the Kiai does with sound. With multiple opponents, a sufficiently baleful stare can intimidate them long enough to permit an escape. It can be used then to suspend or...

Basic Standing Qigong Holding the Eight Mother Palms

During their meditative practices, these Taoists also experienced an altered state of consciousness accompanied by sensations of warmth and movement in one or all of three tan-tien regions of the body the upper, spiritual, centre behind and between the eyes, which coincides with the extra acupuncture point Yintang the middle, emotional, centre in the centre of the sternum, which coincides with the point Conceptor Vessel 17 and the lower, physical, centre inside the torso, just above the pelvic basin, which corresponds with the point Thrusting Vessel 2.

Method of drawing in Yin Xi Yin Gong

The technique of Rubbing and Thrusts belongs to hard and external exercises, it is hard Yang force as to its character, but at the same time it also strengthens the inner spirit. The training method is rather simple and understandable, that skill is used in such techniques as Methods of impact on acupoints (DIAN XUE SHU), Methods of impact on bones (YU GU FA) and other basic methods of Gong Fu.

Removal Of Pain Avoidance Of Pain

To begin with we must understand what pain is and what the purpose of pain is. Pain is a defense mechanism used by the body to warn it that an injury is occurring, or has occurred, and to keep it alert to the injured to the injured area to avoid re-injuring it. Pain is not caused by the injury but is caused by the nerves reacting to the injury. The science of acupuncture and acupressure has developed techniques to stop the nerves from transmitting pain to the brain and thereby stop the brain from feeling the sensation of pain. Pain must therefore be interpreted by and felt in the brain. Even though it seems as though the injury is being felt in the area of the damage, what is in fact happening is the pain is being sent to the brain via the nerves, translated and interpreted in the brain and sent back to the affected area. A cycle is thus formed with the nerves and the brain. Not with the injury and the brain. It is not necessary to experience pain unless the pain is being experienced...

Small Circle Push Hands and selfdefence

In both self-defence and healing, timing is the most important factor. And we are taught timing in our small circle push hands. When healing someone for instance using massage, acupuncture, or finger pressure etc., we do not just lay the patient down and begin pressing This is the same as meeting force on force and you will never be in control of his or her Qi. Using small circle push hands we become so sensitive to another person's Qi that we are able to 'feel the frequency' of the disease, or the attack. In order for a disease to exist, it must have a frequency or a wave. A disease just does not hit like a bucket of water it comes and goes, comes and goes like a wave. And if we do nothing about it, like changing life-style, then the wave becomes bigger and bigger until it kills us. So it insidiously moves into our body and Qi structure minutely at first, de

ST 35 DUBI Calf Nose or Xiyan Eyes of Knee

This point is a special point for knee problems in acupuncture. It is a trauma point. Local pain and knee injury immediately followed by severe kidney Qi drainage and damage causing immediate loss of power and tiredness. ST 36 ZUSANLI (Three Measures of the Leg) 3 cun below ST 35, one finger breadth from the anterior crest of the tibia. Between the tibialis anterior and the tendon of the extensor digitorum longus pedis. This point is a major point in acupuncture and in dim-mak. It is an earth and he point and sea of nourishment point along with ST 30. A strike here will cause great weakness which will slowly get worse untreated. The spleen is also damaged. Obvious immediate physical leg damage and pain. But it is the internal organ problems that this strike causes that is the main area of attack.

Principles From The Tai Shih Ching

Deep Breathing For Energy

Before going further, a meditator should understand first what the Chi cycling route or path is. As mentioned, there are two main vessels which are located on the front and back of the body (Figs. 3-3 and 3-4). The front vessel is called the Conception Vessel (Ren Mei), which contains the Yin circulation. This vessel starts from the lower lip and extends down the front center of the body to the Sea Bottom cavity (Hai Di) between the scrotum or vagina and the anus. This cavity is called Huiyin Yin Intersection) in acupuncture. The vessel on the back is called the Governing Vessel or Du Mei, and contains the Yang circulation. It starts from the Sea Bottom and follows the spine, passes up the back and over the top of the head and ends at the roof of the mouth. These two vessels are not connected at the top. However, when the tongue touches the roof of the mouth cavity, the Yin and Yang vessels are connected and the circuit is complete. This tongue touch is called Da Chiao or building the...

ST 17 Ruzhong Middle of Breast

In the middle of the nipple In the 4th intercostal space. This point when struck has a devastating affect and will cause death when a medium to hard strike is used. In acupuncture, it is only ever given as a reference and not to be either needled or using moxa on it. The strike must be accurate to within a millimetre though. Immediately there is a sensation moving up the left side of the neck (if the left nipple is struck and visa-versa) and over the top of the back of the head to the other side of the forehead, followed by an extreme Qi drainage resulting in knockout and loss of memory. If the strike has been hard enough, it could also result in mental illness which gets worse with age. This is not a nice point, and should never be played around with

Li Zi Ming s Ba Gua Zhang Method

Large Bagua Sword

The system starts with a set of fundamental training exercises. We call them warm-ups, but they are far more than a routine designed to simply stretch and loosen the body. These exercises are a comprehensive series of movements that condition the hands (striking various parts of the body with the hand), loosen all of the joints of the body, stretch out all of the muscles, and improve balance, coordination, and overall agility. Some of the body striking serves to loosen different parts of the body by hitting specific acupuncture points that serve to open that particular part of the body (for example the hip or the shoulder joint). Then subsequent exercises involve more focused movement in those specific areas so that in the end the whole body is extremely limber and supple. The basic warm-ups are followed by exercises which are more specific to actual fighting applications of the system. While striking the points, rotating the joints and loosening the body, we are also developing a...

Neck Crank Submission Hold

Extreme Submission Hold

In this case with Kata Dan'te, but a spear, a sword, a gun, any weapon, teaches the same lesson. Then he is taught to heal or restore to life. Here with the simple chokes and strangleholds from which the enemy can recover spontaneously, but in some schools, these techniques include Dim Mak, the unholy science of using acupuncture or pressure to cause illness rather than relieve it. And how to think. This too, is part of that training.

Meditation and Chi Circulation

Dan Tien Breathing

In order to correctly initiate the Small Circulation the Chi must pass into the Wei Lu cavity,located in the tailbone. Thus, the Chi passes from the Dan Tien down through the groin area, called the Bottom of the Sea (Hai Di), and into the tailbone. The Chi does pass through other acupuncture cavities on the way to the Wei Lu (Fig. 3-4), but the Wei Lu will offer the greatest resistance because the bone structure narrows the channel. After the Chi has been successfully guided to the Wei Lu, it moves up the spine to the next major obstacle, the Ming Men (Gate of Life) or Jar Gi (Press Spine). This point is located on the back directly behind the heart between the spinous processes of the sixth and seventh thoracic vertebrae (Fig. 3-4). In acupuncture this same cavity is called Lingtai (Spiritual Tower). When Chi flows to this area, it will usually cause the heart to beat faster, which can interfere with concentration. To lose concentration here might result in the Chi dispersing here,...

Calm the Spirit by Pressing the Points

Immediately sit back onto your right leg and rotate your right fist so that it is now thumb side down and allow your left fingers to slide gently down half of the outer forearm until your longest finger (Pericardium Meridian) presses in on the Dim-Mak Acupuncture Point called Yangxi meaning Valley of Yang . (CO 5). It draws energy (Qi) down from the 'fire' to make the 'Lower Heater' more active. Which in turn takes the fire from the heart thus its calming effect. Inhale. Photo No. 160. Also see Photo No. 161.

Martial Arts Applications

Internal Rotation Feet

The Chinese have studied and developed the martial arts for more than 4000 years. In the beginning only limited techniques using brute muscle power were available. It was not until about 200 B.C., when the circulation of Chi and the use of acupuncture became well understood, that the martial application of Chi began. The attention devoted to it increased significantly when Da Mo's Wai Dan exercises began to be used at the Shaolin Temple in 536 A.D. Although the Yi Gin Ching exercise was intended to be used only for the improvement of health, the monks found that it greatly increased the strength and efficiency of their muscles. The training also allowed them to direct the Chi to parts of their body to resist blows. It was only natural that they applied this to the martial arts. Learning martial arts was a necessity of the time in order to protect the temple property and for traveling. From that time on the use of Wai Dan to develop Chi and to improve the martial arts has been widely...

Knowledge Skill Chinese Healing

Chinese Healing is a combination of herbal medicine and acupuncture. It corresponds, in game mechanics, to SS Medicine. But unlike SS Medicine, it costs 3 points for an INT-based roll, +1 pt per +1 to the roll. Chinese Healing works to put the body's internal systems back in balance to combat disease or cope with traumatic injury. To this end, it uses herbal remedies and acupuncture techniques.

Kuji Kiri Nine Cuts Breathing Exercises

These magical in-signs created by knitting the fingers together can be used to restore one's confidence in moments of stress, or to hypnotize an adversary into inaction or temporary paralysis. Each is a key or psychological trigger to a specific center of power in the body. There are three basic positions, corresponding to the three basic Qi Gong techniques. Each of these yields three variations for a total of nine. From each of these are derived three variations for each of the three types of energy (Yin, Yang, Tao). These are keyed to the 12 Meridians of Acupuncture, the Four Seas, the Five Elements, and so on for a grand total of eighty-one.

Summary Of The Steps In Learning Kujikiri

Each of the fingers is associated with a specific organ of the body by virtue of the network of nerves, blood vessels, acupuncture meridians, and psychic channels. Likewise each organ is representative of one of the five primary elements, earth, water, fire, air, and wood (void). The old texts say that this is because there are five elements and five fingers it makes perfect sense, in light of ancient logic. Even if all the fingers are not present, as in the case of the Yakuza, (Japanese gamblers), who sometimes cut off parts of their fingers in a ritual of token suicide for a debt they cannot pay, the energy shell remains continuous. That is, as circulation is restored to an area of injury, along with it comes chi, which pervades and passes through all things and is found in abundance everywhere.

The Healing Benefits Of Baguazhang

All of the internal systems of martial art all work in the same way where healing is concerned. They all work upon the acupuncture meridians sending life giving Qi or life force to all of the internal organs. This Qi is a sort of electrical energy which literally holds our very cells together. Qi is said to be used in the healing arts as well as in the martial arts but beware For as long as the martial arts have existed, man has been claiming supernatural feats in the name of Qi, things that defy the laws of nature. Like being able to catch a raindrop and hold it intact Or being able to ward off a spear attack to the neck. All of these 'games' are purely circus tricks and should not be taken seriously. Everyone who comes to a Bagua class is not that seriously out of good health but we all of us, through twentieth century living have some small things wrong with us and these can be helped if not cured altogether with Bagua. Your ailments are literally twisted away, every acupuncture...

The Benefits of Qigong Practice

First, Qigong makes my body strong and healthy. I have more energy for everyday life, -because Qigong follows the natural way to strengthen the internal body. Based on Chinese medicine, Yin and Yang, the acupuncture points and channels, and concentrating on the breathing, mind and movement, Qigong brings the body back to normal, working with nature to follow the universal rhythm.

The Origins of Qigong

With continued observation they found that the flow of the steam could make the body warm and was related to the spirit -spirit in the sense of a feeling of wellbeing rather than in the religious sense of the word. Gradually they discovered a network of channels crossing the body, linking the internal organs. Distributed along these channels were certain points which affected the way the steam flowed through the body. Thus energy (Qi) and the system of acupuncture points and channels were discovered, and people found that touching and massaging the points could heal a variety of problems. When you learn about Qigong you will come to understand the basics of Chinese medicine, which uses natural methods to treat and heal and to balance the internal organs through herbs, massage, moxibustion, acupuncture and Qigong. The first four types of healing skill mainly depend on others giving you treatment, but Qigong is a way of self-healing. All five, however, are based on the principles of Yin...

Zhu You Ke Subject of Supplication

What is meant by the Subject of Supplication In the world of cultivation, this is regarded as belonging to the category of cultivation, which is taught by many people in the course of their imparting qigong. In fact, however, it does not belong to the range of cultivation. It is taught as a kind of knack, incantation or technique. It takes such forms as drawing magic figures, burning incense, burning paper, chanting incantations, etc It can cure diseases, and the methods of treatment are rather unique. For example, when someone has grown a boil in the face, the practitioner of this subject will draw a circle on the ground with a writing brush dipped in cinnabar and then he draws a cross within the circle. Next he asks the person to stand in the centre of the circle while he begins chanting incantations. He then dips the brush in the cinnabar and draws circles on the person's face. While he is doing this, he is chanting incantations. He keeps doing this until he finally makes a dot on...

Chi Kung Position Five

Tai Chi Self Defense

There are many places where you can study tai chi these days (advice on finding a school or teacher is given on page 141). Most towns have their own adult education centres, not to mention university or college campus. Tai chi is also being incorporated as a teaching medium into the programmes of numerous arts and therapy organizations. In fact, it can crop up almost anywhere ii is used in drama training, in holiday centres, in acupuncture colleges and on board ocean liners it appears in homes for the elderly, in hospital rehabilitation units, in dance studios, and in educational institutes to help those with learning difficulties - anywhere where people are looking for a means of developing relaxation, balance and a sense of harmony between body and mind.

Practice Principles and Methods

A We do not worry about cold water or other things after the exercises, nor do we need to rub the face or hands. These are all intended to open the channels and acupuncture points within human bodies at the initial stage. We cultivate the Dafa, which does not involve these things. Right now you are not in the state where your body has just been adjusted. It seems very, very difficult for an ordinary person to start becoming a cultivator. In addition, some exercises cannot directly change human bodies. To them, some requirements are very complicated. We do not have those here, nor do we have those kinds of concepts. Do not bother with what I have not talked about just keep on cultivating. Since we cultivate Dafa, the initial state in which your body is afraid of this and that, or is in the process of needing this or that requirement, passes within a matter of days. I would not make the statement that it is equivalent to a few years of practice with other cultivation methods, but it is...

Small has no inside big has no outside

We use acupuncture, moxibustion and massage to stimulate different areas of the body to keep it balanced, and we practise Qigong to keep ourselves healthy, strong and vital. Acupuncture points and channels Our bodies are like the universe. We too are covered by many stars. Each star has its work to do and influences the whole body and its balance. These stars are our acupuncture points, and the orbits are our acupuncture channels. The Acupuncture Points Every acupuncture point belongs to a channel. Each channel has its own function in relation to the internal organs, nourishing and strengthening them. The acupuncture points keep the channels smooth and ensure that they are working well, bringing in the energy from outside to the body and releasing negative energy out through the skin. In Chinese medicine we say, 'Pain means it is not smooth. Smooth means there is no pain.' This is to do with the channels and acupuncture points working in the body. If you experience pain it...

What The Masters Say The Classics

The waist lifts up so that the coccyx lifts to join the 'DU MEI' (An important acupuncture meridian of the eight extra family which runs up the back bone and over the head to the roof of the mouth from the coccyx). 2 . Hollow the chest so that the 'yin Qi' descends the 'REN MEI' (an extra acupuncture meridian that runs from the back of the tongue to the coccyx or 'CV 1').

Healing Others with Highly Developed Qi

Sometimes, when you are at home and find yourself thinking of a close friend, suddenly he rings you and you suppose it must be coincidental. Or maybe you are talking with your friend and are both thinking the same -even wanting to speak at the same time. All these things can happen because your Prenatal Qi has developed and areas on the upper part of y'our head, which we call Sky-eye and Sky-door ,acupuncture points on the head), have opened, so that you can receive messages from outside. You know what other people are thinking and doing even when they are far away from you. During these treatments, I used my Qi to make my patients' energy stronger, to get rid of negative Qi, to smooth the channels, to open the acupuncture points and to strengthen the internal organs. When the internal organs achieve balance, the illness goes. But after the treatment the patient needs to conserve his or her energy. No matter how famous the Qigong master who uses his energy to help you, if you do not...

Levels of Cultivation in Falun Gong

By performing Falun Gong exercises, practitioners can make their meridians wider and wider, connecting them to become one piece. That is, a person cultivates to a state in which there are no meridians or acupuncture points, or conversely, meridians and acupuncture points exist everywhere. This still doesn't mean that he or she has attained the Dao it is only one type of manifestation in the process of Falun Gong cultivation and the reflection of one level. When this stage is reached, the person is at the end of In-Triple-World-Law cultivation. The gong he or she has developed will already be quite powerful and will have finished taking shape. Also, this person's

Issue of Pursuit

Some qigong masters say, as if advertising, that one will be able to cure diseases three to five days after he has learned their qigong. Such qigong masters should be called qigong dealers. Just imagine, as an ordinary person, how can you cure others' diseases by just releasing some of your qi Ordinary people also possess qi in their bodies just as you do. You have just begun to practise and only have opened your acupoints of Laogong, through which you can take in or release the qi. When you tried to treat diseases in others, the qi in their bodies may have cured your own disease. How could one's own qi dictate to the qi of another Qi does not cure at all. Moreover, when you are treating a patient, you and the patient form a field, and all of his pathogenic qi will come into your body. As a result, you will have as much pathogenic qi as the patient. Though the root of the illness grows in the patient's body, you will also fall ill if you have taken in much of his pathogenic qi. Once...

Needle At Sea Bottom

In the new Yang style this is used to break a hold downward with a jerking thrust. If the opponent is able to hold onto your wrist and pulls backward you should go with the force and turn your right wrist, grabbing his right wrist and poke him under his right arm into his acupuncture points. This is the use of the posture


Tsien-hueh, as dim-mak is often called, refers to the martial use of the acupuncture points to cause temporary or permanent damage to the Qi flow and to the body. On a pragmatic level, the value of striking, twisting, or applying pressure to ( sealing ) these points often lies in affecting arterial blood flow, dislocating bones, tearing muscles and ligaments, and traumatising major nerves. Having said this, I also think that there may well be more to this than meets the eye, at least on rare occasion. My instructor on the subject, Erle Montague, often points out that it is useless to attend seminars on death-point striking, to memorise a number of acupuncture points, and to practise striking them on a willing partner. No one on the street would stand around and let you hit them the way you probably practise in a martial school setting. In other words, such theoretical knowledge is useless unless you can keep the attacker from harming you first that is, you have to know how to fight.

Whip the hands

When you practice your forms and you have the idea of internal tension, you will feel like a whipping sensation at the end of every movement, especially those of the 'lateral' type such as 'slant flying', the posture from Taijiquan. It will not manifest too much physically as this is ordinary soft fa-jing, but you will feel the Qi 'whipping' out of your palms. This is often known as double whip as opposed to the posture known as single whip . This facet of your training is very important for those in the therapeutic arts such as massage, bone manipulation, acupuncture etc. Once you have internal tension in your hands in particular, you will notice that your patients get well quicker. More importantly, you will be getting well from the true interaction of Qi between you, your patients, and indeed anyone who encounters you.

By Gary Stier OMD

Fortunately, a solution to this problem is provided by the traditional Oriental Medicine which has long been associated with these internal arts. This makes sense when we consider that arts like Pa Kua Chang make use of the same Ch'i energy channels and philosophical concepts as do the classical acupuncture and herbology arts. As a result, many of the best practitioners of the internal arts are as well known for their healing skills as they are for their martial skills A popular teaching, therefore, is that the hand that can hurt should also be the hand that can heal, and that these health care skills should first be applied to ourselves. The ability to yield and adapt to the natural forces of seasonal change year after year without illness or dis-ease should also be considered an effective self defense skill, wouldn't you agree This means never missing work or losing income due to sickness, never canceling social engagements, and never suffering with an illness of any kind Sounds...


After all the ceremony they left the temple. When she reached the main entrance, suddenly something with sharp claws attacked her. She was very scared. Suddenly her grandfather was beside her. He pointed two fingers at the thing's head. At that moment she realised that it was a very wild monkey. The monkey appeared to have a very painful expression on it's face, and screaming it ran away. She was very surprised at what her grandfather had done, and she curiously said, I want to learn that skill so that nobody can attack me. Grandpa, I didn't knowyou had that skill. . He said, This skill I will teach you, but not for hurting people, it is only for your protection. This skill can also make you live longer and healthier, and you can also help to heal other people as well . He continued by saying, Qi is the leader of blood. When I pointed at the monkey's acupuncture point the Qi stopped flowing, the blood could not get there, so of course he felt pain. From then on she woke at three...


(3) The following Limitations must be taken Requires A KS Chinese Healing Roll (- ) Does Not Work Versus Dim Mak Unless Skill vs. Skill Roll Is Successful (-*4) Extra Time (at least 1 Turn (-1) longer times are very acceptable) OIF (either herbs or acupuncture needles, character's choice, -1). (4) The following Limitation is optional the GM might permit a character to take a Healing power exceeding the recommended limit if it has this Limitation Healing Wears Off Instantly When Acupuncture Needles Removed (-1). In other words, the acupuncturist is able to apply techniques to get a badly-wounded warrior back on his feet, but the recovery only lasts as long as the needles remain in the body a Grab or Disarm removing a needle will make the Healing benefit go away instantly. Example 8d6 BODY Aid (40 Active Points), Requires A KS Chinese Healing Roll (-'A), Not Vs. Dim Mak Unless Skill vs. Skill Roll Succeeds (- ), Extra Time (5 Minutes, -2), OAF (Acupuncture Needles, -1). Total cost 8...

Brain Buster

Black Buster Dragon

Countless blood vessels are thereby ruptured and swelling and bruising damage the nerves and tissues of the brain itself. The impact is analogous to hitting the enemy's forehead with a hammer. The site of the impact is, ideally, the Third Eye acupuncture point slightly above and between the eyebrows. This is a sensitive junction of many important nerves and is associated with the pineal gland deep inside the brain. It is often used as a focal point in meditation, since concentration eventually results in the phenomenon of the adept being able to roll his eyes back into his skull. Long practice in meditation enables the Initiate to look upward at this point thereby exposing only the white schlera at the bottom of each eye. Making it appear as if his pupils had vanished. Indeed, the effect of holding the eyeballs in this position is to connect certain nerves, making it possible to achieve more vivid visualizations. All which time the student is, of course, in a semi-conscious state.

The Heart Meridian

This is a classic Qi drainage point and works very well as a set up point strike. This point is used in acupuncture when Qi drainage is called for. In fact acupuncturists will not work this point too hard as it could cause knock out from Qi drainage. Works very well with TH 12. This strike will weaken the elbow greatly

The Spleen Meridian

Spleen Meridian Points

This is a water and he point. (Sea point, gathering together). Great local pain when this point is struck right on target. It has the reverse affect to the healing in that it will cause the body to fill up with water and if not corrected using acupuncture or other Chinese medicine, will eventually lead to early death. This point is used also as a set up point in the same what that SP 8 is used. It is not such a good prime strike as it is relatively difficult to get to with much power unless you are a seasoned martial artist. A good hard strike here will cause great nausea and is sometimes used in conjunction with GB 34.

Chi Kung Health

For maintenance Chi Kung the Chi is built up either by Wai Dan or Nci Dan, and then guided by the mind to circulate through the entire body. According to acupuncture theory, smooth Chi circulation is the key to health. When Chi is stagnant in a channel, the related organ will be weakened and will degenerate. For curative Chi Kung methods, techniques are applied by patients to control the Chi circulation and gradually heal the disordered internal organs, or cure an external injury. The most generally used methods for doing this are acupuncture, masssage, and rubbing. Although Wai Dan and Ne Dan are primarily used to maintain smooth, abundant Chi circulation, advanced meditators sometimes use them to eliminate internal bruises and Chi stagnation caused by injuries. Recently, it has been found in China that Wai Dan and Nei Dan can be used to cure some cancers. From acupuncture theory we know that the Chi channels are distributed over the entire body. These channels are closely related to...

By John D Bracy

Bagua Circle Walking

John Bracy has been practicing Chinese martial arts for over 28 years and has been teaching traditional kung fu at the Hsing Chen School of Chinese Martial Arts in Orange County, CA since 1976. He holds a B.A. in psychology and in 1981-82 did graduate research in Taipei, Taiwan into psycho-therapeutic applications of acupuncture. He has traveled to mainland China, both by himself and with his students, on numerous occasions to study with his Ba Gua Zhang teacher, Liu Xing Han of Beijing. He was featured, along with his teacher, in the Pa Kua Chang Newsletter, Volume 1, Number 1.

Arts Of Invisibility

Intonjutsu Art Escape

Healing Atemi or Duatsu Includes a thorough study of the art of acupuncture (healing by inserting needles into the body). The result is the ability to resuscitate a character by touch alone. Duatsu can be used to instantly reverse the effect of any other Atemi attack, except Dim Mak It can also be used to snap a character out ofa Knock-Out, Stun, Paralyze or any other form of temporary shock. It only takes one melee round attack action to perform Healing Atemi. Note Healing Atemi does not restore hit points, S.D.C. or chi.

Chapter Seven

At a seminar that I did recently on Monaka Japanese style Acupuncture, Qi was likened to Information. While the information channels remained open and flowing the body worked well, when the information became dysfunctional in any way, warning signs and symptoms appear, if the warning signs and symptoms are not addressed, disease results, if the disease is not addressed then death may occur.

HUA 8th Kanji Mudra

With the completion of the transitory exercises, the Ninja has accomplished the basic movements of the first nine Mind Gates. These must be mastered before one can even attempt those which deal with the more specific techniques of the acupuncture meridians, the four seas of the body, the six solid and the six empty organs, and so on.

Chinese Dragons

The descriptions of the Acupoints of Dayan Gong in issue 35 of Qi Magazine contained an error. In the description of the Ming Men point the text refered to the movements 'Draw Wings to the Back' and 'Cloud Hands'. In these movements the Hegu points actually connect to the Shen Shu points not the Ming Men point.

General Principles

The second concept the reader should know is that of Chi channels, which circulate Chi throughout the body. For the most part the main Chi channels are found with the arteries and nerves. A glance into any anatomy book will show the reader that large sheaves of nerve fibers accompany the arteries throughout the body. The channels do also. Like the arteries and nerves, they are protected by the body's musculature, so that they are hard to affect directly. There is one spot on the body where a channel is very exposed, and that is the funny bone. This spot is called Shaohai in acupuncture and belongs to the Hand Shaoyin Heart Channel, and here the channel and median nerve system coincide. A light tap will numb the entire forearm, which demonstrates the extreme sensitivity of the channels, as well as the control they exert throughout the body. Just as the arteries have branches which supply the tissues and organs with blood and carry away waste, the channels have branches (called Lou ) to...

CHU 1st Kanji Mudra

Cmc Xray Thumb

The Tu Mo, or Channel of Control, is composed of twenty eight acupuncture point, ascending from the coccyx, up the spine, over the skull, and ending at the upper gum. If this channel is not functioning properly, one will experience bladder problems, pain in the lower abdomen or chest, or hernia. Many of the points on this channel are employed to stimulate or tone the organs in general. Mediation on this center steadies the body and trains the mind. The second center of power is the source of the Jen Mo, or Channel of Function. It begins at the base of the genitals and travels up the center of the body, ending on the face just above the chin. Along this path lie twenty-four acupuncture points, or points of adjustment. If there is an imbalance in this channel's flow of energy, the back of the neck will be stiff and there will be spiritual unrest. This center represents the water element. Its form is circular and its color is white. It controls sexual desires and is characterized by the...

Single Whip

As your opponent attacks low with a right fist to your lower left rib area, you should block with your right hooked palm and take it over to your right as you swivel to that side, your left fingers point to your right elbow. Photo No. 40. Step forward with your left foot and attack the acupuncture points under his right arm. Your left palm protects you from his re-attack Photo No. 41. This is also practiced on the other side and the initial block using hooked palm is used to block upward for head attacks. Continuing the use of single whip A right fist attacks your face, you should use your hooked right palm to block it over to your right. Photo No. 42. Now attack with left palm to the kidney area. Photo No. 43.


Medical practitioners are not so secretive about chi kung, as they tend not to be interested in the darker side of its application. As power is derived from the shadow intuition or id, they usually aren't very good with it. Most of their training is with the intellect and memory, so they must resort to the knife for surgery or the acupuncture needle for generation. Practitioners of preventative medicine like chiropractors tend to have more skill, particularly after a few years of practice. It's all written down, has been for centuries. Many of the great karate masters have stated that to attain real greatness as a practitioner of karate you must become a healer. Most people don't have the clit or balls to go for it. Besides, it's dangerous. If you don't know your meridians you're going to have one hell of a time figuring out how to effectively use chi. At the shi-doshi training that Hatsumi held in Ishizuka's dojo during the celebration of his thirtieth year as grandmaster of the...

The Inner Depths

This exercise, Opening the Inner Gate, takes its name from the vital acupuncture point in the center of the lower back. This is one of the most important Gates of Life in the human energy structure. The exercise stimulates the Chi throughout your body, releases tension in your hips, torso and shoulders, and massages your internal organs.

One Must Keep Silent

In acupuncture, there is a facet of treatment known as obtaining chi, whereby the physician determines if the point selected for treatment is applicable and appropriate for the patient. This may be done by slightly irritating the point, or by pinching gently. In either event, if the proper reaction occurs, that is the site of treatment. The method relies on the circulation of energy in the meridians of the body to be effective. The means whereby chi may be summoned are few. All obey the laws of acupuncture. It should be mentioned that one cannot truly direct the energy of the body rather, by study and practice it is possible to establish a certain harmony, to become attuned, which makes it possible to attain the higher levels of consciousness. Then and only then, if it is necessary, can one see the mysteries. If one knows what to do and how to do it, one can make the impossible seem commonplace.

Chang Sanfeng

Chang was a famous acupuncturist in China and was well versed in the Shaolin system of martial art. He and two other friends were obsessed with the martial arts and wanted to invent to most deadly form of self-defence. They knew that certain points on the human body caused certain electrical and physical effects due to their acupuncture, so they set about finding out whether these same points could also be used to adversely affect the Qi flow.

Fishes In Eight

Another use of this posture is as follows You are attacked with a punch to the acupuncture (Dim-Mak) points under your left arm. You should block down with your right forearm onto your left forearm to form a scissor block. Photo No. 38. Mow swivel to your right and pull the attacker s right palm over to your right. You now strike with your left knife-edge palm to his throat as you step forward with your left foot. This is done also on the other side. Photo No. 39.

Empty Force

Of course, having said that, many people continue to believe in it, and a number of internet masters seem to be charging and earning large amounts of money from those who buy their books and videos and attend workshops on this subject. It is also true that projecting Qi in various ways is considered legitimate in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it is possible that some talented qigong doctors can emit Qi from their hands for healing but their hands have to be very close to the acupuncture points they are trying to affect. And, martially, an expert using his Qi defensively must still be able to do everything else to keep an attacker from making contact with and hurting him before Qi can be applied.

The Method

When we breathe naturally or with reverse breathing, there are two flows of Qi in the abdomen. When we breathe in for instance, there is a flow that begins at the diaphragm (the border between pre and post natal Qi) in the back of the body and goes upwards if we use natural breathing in the upper part of the body. I.e., the upper part of the abdomen is expanded as we breathe in. Now, if we were to also use natural breathing with the lower abdomen, the Qi flow would be the same, upwards from CV 1 (a point where three main acupuncture meridians meet between the anus and sex organs), to the diaphragm. Therefore, the activation points of both flows of Qi will never meet. Both go up, both go down. However, if we now use reverse breathing where the upper abdomen is expanded on inhalation, and natural breathing in the lower abdomen upon inhalation, where the lower abdomen is drawn in, both activation points of each flow is now reversed. Therefore, when we breathe in, the lower Qi activation...

Qi in Taijiquan

Jing can be likened to, as water is to steam. We gain much 'water' from our Taijiquan and Qigong practise and then we turn it into 'steam' so that we are able to make it work for us. In any given day, our Qi flows around our body twice through the twelve main, and eight extra acupuncture meridians or channels. These are like electrical conductors that travel around the main organs in the body. During our Taiji practise we cause this flow to increase to three extra times around the body for each set or form that we perform.