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Looking Back At Aerobic Training

Earlier I mentioned that aerobic exercise consists of low to moderate intensity activities, performed for extended periods of time. A common example is distance running. The primary focus of this chapter has been on anaerobic conditioning drills. This does not mean that we should completely neglect aerobic training. Aerobic training has a purpose and is important. Anaerobic training will provide more sport specific benefits but it is important to develop a solid base of aerobic fitness. Boxing, wrestling, grappling, and the martial arts are primarily anaerobic in nature. These sports consist of explosive bursts of energy. These are the most common Warrior activities. Aerobic training still serves many important functions. First and foremost it provides an opportunity for you to relax and reflect. A relaxing run will give you time to escape from the stress of your job and the world around. I do some of my best thinking while running or walking. A relaxing walk, run, swim, or bicycle...

Aerobic Training Routines

Aerobic training should be performed 2 or 3 days per week. Ideal examples of aerobic training include running, swimming, bicycling, and extended jump rope sessions. You can also incorporate sustained running into your aerobic training. Conduct your sustained running distances for 1 or 2 miles. You can begin with 1 mile of low intensity running, follow with 2 miles of sustained running, and conclude with 1 mile of low intensity running.

Anaerobic vs Aerobic Conditioning

Aerobic exercise is classified as low to moderate intensity activities, performed for extended periods of time. Distance running is a perfect example of aerobic exercise. There is a distinct difference between anaerobic and aerobic conditioning. I will not make this a science class but it is important that you understand these concepts if you wish to maximize your performance.

Total Triceps Training

Common Conception 3 Aerobics should be performed on an empty stomach for maximum results. This is a theory which has gained popularity even though it cannot be accurately gauged. It's based on the premise that, if the body is deficient in carbs, it will more effectively use fat for fuel. But carbs are present in the body even if no food has been ingested for hours. Another fact to consider is, if the body is carb depleted, it quickly goes into a catabolic state, especially when subjected to long duration repetitive stress. (i.e. aerobics) Considering these facts, the practice of running on an empty stomach could be working against your goals. Part of the reason for aerobic training is to deplete carb calories. Why put them right back Protein would be a better choice but even this theory is overrated. The bloodstream contains nutrients, even after working out. (unless you've been fasting) Food timing isn't an exact science. The body doesn't know if your work out is over after you...

Physical Preparation Muscle Assessment and Training

To most athletes, circuit training (CT) is thought of as a method of integrating resistance and aerobic exercise by performing several (nine to twelve) exercises in vertical progression. This means performing one set of each exercise on the session menu until all have been completed, as opposed to finishing all sets of the first exercise before progressing to the second with little or no rest between exercises. The supposed benefit of this type of exercise is improving aerobic and anaerobic functioning at the same time.

The Science off Martial Art Training

Such as running, cycling, stair climbing, swimming, rope-skipping, and so forth. This aerobic foundation is what creates the necessary machinery which will serve to create a better anaerobic working capacity later in the cycle. In other words, as aerobic fitness improves, athletes are able to work harder and longer before reaching the lactate threshold. When attempting to develop or improve aerobic capacity, training should take place between three and six days a week. The total duration of work in each session might be anywhere from ten minutes to an hour or more. Longer durations are inappropriate for martial artists, unless they expect their competitive event to require more than 30 to 45 minutes of continuous activity. The intensity of training should, by definition, be low (if it was high intensity, it would be anaerobic, not aerobic). Although many heart-rate formulas have been used with success, the age-old talk test is very accurate. If someone can carry on a conversation...

Move More Look The Same

The first premise regarding the necessity of aerobic training that I'd like to take on is the targeted heart rate theory. The belief is that once the heart rate is elevated to 60 of its maximum potential for over 20 minutes, the body begins to burn fat. Makes sense. I guess. You'll sure be burning a whole lot of calories. But if this method is so effective, why is it that I see so many aerobic instructors who are obviously in great cardiovascular condition with big fat asses Now, knowing the body is going to respond as efficiently as possible, it will then begin to drop weight, allowing it to perform the task at hand with greater ease. This is where the belief that aerobics are effective gets misconstrued. What happens once carbs are depleted Now we enter the fat burning zone, don't we Not so fast Sparky. It still has another 4 calorie per gram energy available -- protein. What's so bad about that Well, just as the body doesn't discern where the fat comes from, it also doesn't know a...

The Heart Of The Matter

I'll bet my entire bank account (granted, not a very impressive wager) that high rep weight training will improve cardiac output as well, if not better than low intensity aerobics. Any takers Along the same lines one must realize, any activity will burn calories and induce weight loss, especially if the trainee is new to an exercise program. But even in the case of previously untrained subjects, aerobics are the least effective of all forms of exercise for fat loss. When it comes to calling on its energy resources, the body doesn't know if it's lifting a barbell or running on a treadmill. It's expending effort, burning calories and stressing the nervous system with both activities. Of course, cardio training is of a lower intensity and longer duration. That's exactly what makes it less effective. If low intensity, long duration burns fat (which it does) then all activity, short of being in a coma, will burn fat -- which it does -- just not enough to make a difference. Of course,...

Fats The Good The Bad The Ugly

Fats should comprise approximately 10 of your overall food intake. Be sure to remember that fats, like carbohydrates, were not all created equal. Fat is a secondary source of energy (particularly for aerobic activity). Many endurance athletes rely on fat as an energy source following their depletion of carbohydrates. Aerobic exercise on the other hand involves low intensity activities, performed for extended periods of time.

Note To The Diehards

Even if you've accepted the premise I've presented, you may still want to engage in some aerobic activity now and then. I certainly have no problem with that. If I feel like getting into a good game of handball, I'm not going to worry, Oh my god, I may lose some muscle Go on, break a good sweat. Show that you can use that beautiful body for things other than lifting weights. It feels good Some cardio-based exercise can offer, if nothing else, a change of pace. I've even been know to test myself every now and then by running a 10 minute mile or two. Granted, Carl Lewis has nothing to worry about, but it shows I'm not suffering any serious defect in aerobic ability due to just weight training as the only source of exercise for my heart. If you enjoy running then go for it. Just keep in mind, aerobics increase metabolism only while you're doing them. They won't utilize fat for fuel when you're at rest. Only having more muscle will do that. Resistance training also improves glucose...

Creating A Recipe For

Aerobic conditioning Each form of training is important, but you will place more emphasis towards the areas that relate to YOUR training goals. For example, combat sports such as boxing are primarily anaerobic in nature. It would not make sense for a boxer to spend excessive amounts of time dedicated to aerobic training. Likewise, a marathon runner may not require as much strength training and anaerobic conditioning as a combat athlete.

Martial Art Power List

Breathing (NEW) (Body Hardening Exercise) The Breathing BHE is simply the ability to breathe adequately when engaging in heavy combat, a neccessity when swinging a heavy sword while covered in plate mail. It is the rough equivalent of aerobic training. BONUSES +1 to PE, +10 to SDC, Four Governers (NEW) (Special Kata) While all good (read not dead) swordsmen keep these four virtues in mind, the Four Governers Kata allows the swordsman to combine all four effectivally at once. The first Goverener is Judgement, allowing the swordsman to judge his opponent's style and likely moves. The second is Distance, giving the swordsman an idea of what the proper distance is for him to strike without being hit. Time is the next, granting a better sense of the timing and flow of the battle. The fourth is Place, loosely defined as granting the swordsman the knowledge of how best to align his body against the opponent and the opponent's style. The kata requires one full melee of no

Training Ingredients For Combat Athletes

Aerobic training - Aerobic training is not as critical for combat sports, but a solid aerobic foundation is always helpful. You can achieve this goal through moderate paced running or extended jump rope sessions. The jump rope is also useful to improve agility, coordination, and strength.

Those Are Very Nice Breasts You Have There

Muscle is what keeps fat in check and aerobics won't help you build muscle. Aerobics are good for one thing and one thing only They make you better at doing aerobics. Mister Montana, with all due respect, doesn't that prove that aerobics improve cardio capability he asked. The same goes for any activity. Even though yoga wouldn't be considered an aerobic activity, it can make you breathe harder if the strain is new to you. This is why alternating training stimulus is optimum for total conditioning.

Throwing Down The Gauntlet

If you are currently on a training program that includes aerobics, I'd like to offer a challenge. Try this test for one month Train exactly as you do now but eliminate all aerobic activity from your exercise regime. Since you will be expending less energy, you may want to up the poundage of the weights you're lifting or at least add a couple of extra reps to each set. Continue to eat as you are now, making sure to maintain a high intake of protein. At the end of one month, I guarantee you that none of your aerobic ability will be lost. You will also have more energy, fuller shapelier looking muscles, and the exact same body fat percentage that you have now. Trust me.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

And if all of this isn't evidence enough, I'll let Doctor Kenneth Cooper have the last word. He wrote the book The New Aerobics and is credited with coining the very term aerobics. Twenty five years after the debut of his book, Dr. Cooper admitted that many of his conclusions were incorrect. He was quoted as saying Further research has shown that there is no correlation between aerobic performance and health, protection against heart disease, and longevity. Newsweek Magazine ran a piece on Exercise Guild president Ken Hutchins who refers to an article that appeared in Mens Journal Magazine where Dr. Cooper goes on to say that aerobics are far more carcinogenic than first realized and are to blame for many injuries. There you have it. Do you still want to do cardio Be my guest. While you're at it, put 20 bucks on the number 7 horse in the fourth race at the OTB. You've got as much chance at getting rich as you do of improving your fitness goals through aerobic activity. Aerobics are a...


Consider biking, swimming, stair-climbing or other activities that will provide a good aerobic workout while mainly using muscles other than those used during running. A major benefit of cross training is that it prevents the onset of over-use injuries while maintaining fitness. For information about cross-training see Chapter 3 Cardiorespiratory Conditioning. Strength training, especially upper body strength workouts, have become an important part of a runner's overall workout. It is recommended that you strength train two to three times a week (see Chapter 6).

Disco And Dbol

Unfortunately, Dianabol worked too well. The use, overuse and excessive abuse of steroids was changing the tides of bodybuilding once again. The association with drug use was distancing the bodybuilder from the fitness enthusiast and bodybuilding was in danger of losing all the advancements it had made up until that point. The industry tried to soften its image. In the 1980's, aerobics, yoga, and low fat recipes replaced much of grittier bodybuilding information. Everybody was an authority. Movie stars made exercise videos. Models wrote diet books. This trend proved to be both good and bad. Good, in the sense that it introduced many more people to the benefits of exercise. Bad, in the sense that much of the information wasn't accurate. Through it all, it turned out that the bodybuilding lifestyle proved itself to be the most effective method for changing the shape of one's body.

The Last Word

Anyone familiar with my work knows that my stance on aerobic training has spurred some argument throughout the years. Although the topic remains one of contention, more and more of the less close minded authorities are catching on. It is my honest belief that by the year 2012 aerobics will be considered as antiquated and inane as those vibrating belts which used to be a staple in gyms and health clubs. The following text aptly describes the reason behind my thinking. DON'T DO AEROBICS Weights build muscle. Aerobics burn fat. Right Not necessarily. The standard thinking is aerobics are a necessary component for fat loss and cardiovascular health, but in my opinion, they're essentially just an ineffective form of exercise. Aerobics will do next to nothing to alter one's appearance, yet people will include them because they're considered essential for providing a complete and balanced exercise program. That makes about as much sense as adding Styrofoam bricks while building a house...

Sustained Running

Sustained running is typically completed for distances of 1 or 2 miles. You will work at approximately 80 - 85 of your maximum heart rate. Your intensity will be just in between maximum aerobic training and minimum anaerobic training. Your pace should be approximately 30 seconds per mile faster than your typical distance pace.

Semi Retired

I love it when people say they do aerobics on off days. Then it isn't a day off dammit Proponents of brief infrequent training sessions say they get fat unless they include some aerobic activity. Well, why not just work out more There's only so much energy the body can expend before it becomes overtrained. Why waste it It's crucial to make the most of that window of opportunity by implementing the most effective form of exercise. And aerobics are at the bottom of the list. I also find it funny how some strength coaches think that training for a pump by using higher reps with a lighter weight is worthless, yet believe aerobic activity, which offers less resistance, has merit. ( ) Using aerobics as a method of burning fat is only fanning the fire. Muscle requires energy to sustain. Fat does not. Therefore, the best way to keep bodyfat in check is by having more muscle. And how do we do that Lifting weights of course Are you getting all of this

Odd Lifts

I wonder what Eugene Sandow would think if he saw people riding bicycles that didn't go anywhere and running on treadmills for no apparent reason other than to run Years back, nobody did aerobics. What for They don't build muscle However, it was a common practice to use those beautiful muscles for something practical like sports or to be able to more effectively perform manual labor. Getting out in the fresh air and sunshine was a healthy activity that went hand in hand with a healthy appearance. If you look for the dangers in anything you're sure to find them and this certainly is the case with exposure to ultraviolet light. Everyone these days seems to avoid the sun like the plague. In my opinion, the dangers have been grossly exaggerated. Sunlight provides the purest form of vitamin D. It also assists in the production of certain hormones (including testosterone ) Simply follow two rules when it comes to sun exposure. 1 Don't burn. 2 Don't get so tanned that you no longer can burn....

Whom You Teach

In some ways, teaching at noon-hour in a fitness centre is more likely to attract those used to regular exercise as well as those looking for stress reduction. However, it is very difficult to sell the value of standing still and circular movement to aerobics fanatic, weight lifters or modern hard style martial artists unless you can get them to give it a real try and convince them that bagua can be a useful supplement to other training and not a replacement.

METs and Watts

Watts Mets For Exercise

Training program and provides an excellent aerobic workout. Moreover, it is not expensive most of the cost of running involves buying a pair of good running shoes. If you train intelligently and have the right gear, you can continue to enjoy the fitness and general sense of well-being that accompanies running while avoiding running injuries. In this chapter, basic-information is provided for maintaining a sound, middle distance running (20 to 40 miles week) program this is adequate for running 1()K and half marathon races. Some of you may consider running a marathon in the future at such a time you may want to get training tips from experienced marathoners, trainers at a running club or running magazines.

Supersets Revisited

Try this program for a week or two and you will see for yourself what a terrific alternative it is to traditional aerobic training. Do not engage in any other aerobic work when implementing this routine Not even on off days. (An off day should be a day off.) This is all the aerobic work you will need. Not only will you be increasing your cardiovascular ability, but you will more efficiently burn fat and probably feel a pump like you haven't experienced in some time. Less fat. More potential muscle growth. Increased strength. And NO AEROBICS What more can anyone ask for


When aerobic dancing was first popularized in the 70s, a survey revealed that aerobics instructors had an injury rate higher than that of marathon runners. In response, the industry developed Low Impact Aerobics, where one foot is always on the floor, preventing impact injuries, in the same vein, the safest way to practice submission fighting is with at least one knee on the mat at all times.