Level Advancement Bonuses

Level 1: +1 to Strike, Knock-Out/Stun on Natural 19-20

Level 2: +2 to Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact, +1 to Maintain Balance

Level 3: +1 Attack per Melee, +2 to Damage

Level 4: Critical Strike on Natural 19-20

Level 6: Knock-Out/Stun on Natural 18-20

Level 7: +1 Attack per Melee, +1 to Maintain Balance Level 8: +1 to Strike, +2 to Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact Level 9: Death Blow on a Natural 20

Level 10: Critical Strike on Natural 18-20, +1 Attack per Melee Level 11: Automatic Knock-Out on a Natural 19-20 Level 12: +2 to Strike, +2 to Damage

Level 13: Knock-Out/Stun on Natural 17-20, +2 to Maintain Balance Level 14: +1 Attack per Melee, +2 to Damage Level 15: Death Blow on a Natural 19-20

Why Study The Art of Battering?

This is an excellent style for those who are interested in developing their bodies and learning how to put people down quickly.


Similar to the basic hand to hand combat taught by many, this art also has more metaphysical training, teaching its students to be better mages as well as passable fighters. Its teachings are that energy is a malleable force, be it the energy of an opponent's attack or the energy of a spell. Developed in Dweomer by a battle mage, it was later spread to Tolkeen, Lazlo, the rest of the Federation of Magic, and New Lazlo. Its teachings are simple, but very effective, teaching the average mage both basic self defense and better control over his magic.

Entrance Requirements: Must be a magic using character class

Skill Cost: 4 years (to gain this art, one must be able to gain Martial Arts, and it costs the same as that art, replacing it as a choice for most O.C.C.s.) Costume: None

Stance: Varies. Practitioners are taught several different stances.


COMBAT SKILLS Attacks per Melee: 2

Escape Moves: Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact, Disarm

Basic Defense Moves: Dodge, Parry

Advanced Defenses: Automatic Parry

Hand Attacks: Punch (1d4)

Basic Foot Attacks: Kick Attack (2d4)

Jumping Foot Attacks: Jump Kick (at later levels)

Special Attacks: Death Blow (at later levels), Body Block/Tackle, Body Flip/Throw, disarm, Modifiers to Attacks: Pull Punch, Critical Strike, Critical Strike from Behind Multiple Attackers: 2 Preferred Range: Standard and Grappling



Level 1: +1 Spell Attack, +1 Break Fall, +1 Roll with Punch/fall/impact, +2body flip/throw, +2 pull punch, +2 Horror Factor, +1 Save vs. Magic, +1 save vs. psionics

Level 2: +1 initiative when casting a spell, +2 parry and dodge, +5 P.P.E, +1save vs. Mind Control

Level 3: Automatic Body Flip/Throw, +1 Spell Attack, and +1 Disarm

Level 4: +1 attack per melee round, +1 body flip/throw, +1 Horror Factor

Level 5: Critical Body Flip/Throw on Natural 18-20 (double damage), +1 Horror Factor

Level 6: +1 Parry/dodge and +1 to Body Flip/Throw, +1 save vs. magic

Level 7: Automatic Dodge, +2 pull punch, +1 Spell Attack, +5 P.P.E, +1 save vs. mind control

Level 8: +1 attack per melee round, +3 save vs. Magic

Level 9: +1 Initiative and +1 strike, parry, and dodge, +1 Spell Attack

Level 10: Multiply Existing P.P.E by 1.5 and +1 disarm

Level 12: +1 Attack per melee round

Level 13: +1 Initiative when casting a spell and +2 Body Block/Tackle, +10PPE Level 14: Critical Strike on a Natural 18-20, +1 Spell Attack Level 15: +1 Attack per melee attack

Why study Art of the Crystal Mind?

If you are a magic user, the good effects are without parallel. If you are not however, the art is all but useless. It teaches good defense, passable offensive maneuvers, and good metaphysical training making it an art unparalleled by any for a mage.



Add 1 to ME

Add 2 to PP

Add 1 to PE

Add 2 to Spd

Add 10 to SDC

COMBAT SKILLS Attacks per Melee: 3

Escape Moves: Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact, Maintain Balance

Basic Defensive Moves: Parry, Dodge, Automatic Parry

Advanced Defenses: Disarm, Combination Parry/Attack, Maintain Balance

Hand Attacks: Strike (punch)

Basic Foot Attacks: Kick Attack

Special Attacks: Body Block/Tackle, Knee, Lunge (SPECIAL! A swift, deep attack with rapier or dagger. A successful Lunge does critical/double damage. Takes two attacks, and the character cannot parry or dodge during a Lunge. Character is -4 to Maintain Balance immediately following an unsuccessful lunge.) Holds/Locks: Arm Hold, Body Hold

Weapon Katas: WP Sword -- Rapier, WP Dagger, WP Cloak*, WP Shield -- Buckler**, WP Sword -- Rapiers (PAIRED), WP Rapier and Dagger (PAIRED), WP Rapier and Cloak (PAIRED), WP Rapier and Buckler (PAIRED)

* A combat cloak does 1 point of damage, but may be used to parry, entangle, or disarm even bladed weapons. Use the WP Chain bonuses.

** WP Shield bonuses may be found in PFRPG. SKILLS INCLUDED IN TRAINING

Martial Arts Powers: Recieves the Wrist Hardening Body Hardening Exercise automatically. In addition, select two (2) Powers from Special Katas. Languages: Italian


1 -- +1 on Initiative, +1 to Strike, +1 to Parry/Dodge, Critical Strike from Behind

2 -- +2 to Damage, Critical Strike on Natural 19 or 20

4 -- Select one (1) Additional Martial Arts Power from Special Katas, +1 to Disarm

5 -- +2 to Maintain Balance, Critical Strike on Natural 18, 19, or 20

6 -- +1 to Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact, Death Blow on Natural 20

9 -- Select one (1) Additional Martial Arts Power from Martial Arts Techniques or Special Katas

13 -- +2 to Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact, +1 to Maintain Balance

14 -- +1 Attack per Melee, Death Blow on Natural 19 or 20

15 -- Select one (1) Additional Martial Arts Power from Martial Arts Techniques or Special Katas

WHY STUDY ARTE OF DEFENCE? For the sheer joy of sticking long, sharp, pointy objects in those who offend you. Fencing has a distinguished reputation, so it's good for your image, too.

Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

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