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From world-renown hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones, M. Ed. comes this eBook Astral Travel Now. The information taught in this book will allow to live a life in your dreams. You will learn astral projection and be able to defy gravity and time, conquer fear of death, walk through walls, visit family members who have passed away, and exist on a higher plane of self-awareness. You think superpowers are only fiction? Steve G. Jones M. Ed. gives YOU the tools to unlock powers that you have never even dreamed of. All of these abilities can Easily be learned by Anyone, regardless of past mental experience. Use astral projection to give yourself powers and abilities that most will dismiss as fantasy. Read more here...

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I started using this ebook straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

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Through the Eyes of a Traveler examines our innate ability to travel through time and space at will, to communicate directly with others and access knowledge and intelligence through mere thought, the power to control matter with our minds, and all this by means of. Read more here...

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Learning To Fly Beginners Guide To Astral Projection.

In This Astral Projection Home Study Course, Youll Discover: What AP Is. A thorough examination of what Astral Projection actually is. No mumbo jumbo, just a plain English. How to fly, travel, and observe people and places you know from a new perspective Youve spent your entire life observing the world, through your own eyes, from the same point of view. It looks very different from the sky! How to study at a pace that works for you. 8 part home study course. Read it all at once or take it a week at a time. Includes exercises you can do at work or in the time between each part of the course to really keep Astral Projection at the forefront of your mind. How to understand the relationship between dreams and AP. Once youve heard this youll be able to convert your regular dreams into opportunities to leave the body. The best exit strategies. Many people just cant crack the process of leaving the body. With these exit strategies, success is almost guaranteed! Astral Projection and your spiritual pursuit. If you wish, Astral Projection can become a spiritual pursuit. Learn of the Higher Planes, your Subtle Body and the awakening that may await you! Higher Beings, Chakras, The Silver CordFind out exactly what all of these things are, where you find them and what they will mean to you! Negative Entities and what they can and cant do to you whilst you Project. Youll know exactly what your up against when you meet them, how to defend yourself, simple exercises you can practice any time that will ward off the unwanted. The power of Crystals. Crystals have special properties you can take advantage of for relaxation or meditation. Find out which crystals you need, why they help and how they help. Fascinating case studiest. Hear about genuine cases of validated Astral Projections. AP Glossary! Plain English definitions of all terms used in the home study course.

Learning To Fly Beginners Guide To Astral Projection Summary

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How To Develop A Perfect Body

Form three practicing meditation by concentrating ones mind to a point This does not mean becoming as cone head, but refers to astral travel or inner travel inside the body. The student imagines and visualizes themselves or their spirit to be leaving the body and traveling to distant planets or places. Or you may just reduce your size and travel to places inside your body, like your heart, or lungs. This form can lead to schizophrenia or hallucinations if done improperly.

The Pathology Of Nonhuman Contacts

At tlie moment of sexual union a psychic voitex is formed resembling a waterspout, a funnel-shaped swirling that toweis up into other dimension As body after body engages, tlie voitex goes up the planes. In all cases tlie physical, etheric and astral bodies are involved tlie voitex therefore always reaches as far as the astral plane a soul upon tlie astral plane nay be drawn into this voitex if it is ripe for incarnation and thus enter tlie sphere of tlie parents. If tlie voitex extends higher than tlie astral plane, souls of a different type nay enter this sphere, but such extension is rare, and therefore it is said that man is bom of desiie. for few are bom of anything else.

JEN 6th Kanji Mudra

This center controls all of the automatic body functions ruled by the cephalic region of the brain. It also serves as the psychic force which separates the astral body from the physical at the time of death. Meditation on this center leads to the philosophical concept of oneself-I am that I am.

Chapter Fifteen

The Chinese practitioners of chi kung, the swamis of India, the Zen roshi, and the ninja are prominent examples of those who pursue enlightenment or awakening. Awakening is simply waking up your id, shadow, or true self. Enlightenment is the biological process of rejuvenating your hormone system. The side effects of obtaining enlightenment are called in Sanskrit siddhi. In the context of Buddhist yoga or Vajrayana (perfect mastery over the body and forces of nature) there are eight ordinary siddhis 1. the sword that renders unconquerable 2. the elixir for the eyes that makes gods visible 3. fleetness in running 4. invisibility 5. the life essence that preserves youth 6. the ability to fly, levitate, and or project onto the astral plane 7. the ability to make certain medicines 8. power over the world of spirits and demons. The order appears to be hierarchical. Some of these can also be described as mind-reading, clairvoyance, empathy, materialization, levitation, making things...

Astral Projection The Naked Truth

Astral Projection The Naked Truth

You are lying in your bed, eyes shut, completely relaxed and totally awake. After a few minutes you feel your body becoming heavy and numb. The next moment you experience a floating sensation and then you start rising up. floating a few feet above your bed. Learn more within this guide by downloading it today.

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