Rd Degree Mastery Sticky Hands

Prerequisites: 2nd Degree Mastery of Sticky Hands, Str 15, Int 13, base attack bonus +8, Advanced Combat Martial Arts, Combat Expertise, Combat Martial Arts, Combat Throw, Defensive Martial Arts, Improved Combat Martial Arts, Improved Combat Throw, Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Three-Conflicts Stance*, Unbalance Opponent. Benefits: When an opponent makes a move action that grants you an attack of opportunity

(including attacks of opportunity granted by Three-Conflicts Stance) or tries to withdraw (which would not

normally grant you attacks of opportunity), you may attempt to prevent the move action before it actually occurs by making an unarmed attack. If you succeed, you deal damage normally and the opponent must succeed at a Reflex save (DC 10 + half your character levels + your Strength modifier) or be unable to move into or out of the area you threaten. This prevents a foe from either closing or fleeing. This counts as one of your attacks of opportunity for the round, and you cannot use this technique if you cannot make an attack of opportunity (for example, you have used all your available attacks of opportunity or you are flat-footed).

Available Secret Techniques: Repulse the Monkey.


"Swordplay" is a general school that encompasses European fencing, Japanese kendo, and other forms of martial arts that center on the correct use of a sword. While some schools are very formalized, others teach more rough-and-tumble techniques closer to what true sword combat is like. Some schools teach the use of a single weapon, some teach two weapons (such as katana and wakizashi or rapier and main-gauche), some teach a sword and shield combination, and some teach grappling, punching, and kicking to accompany the sword blows.

In general, practitioners of Swordplay train with a specific bladed weapon (see Chapter Five: Weapons). This is the weapon to which they apply Weapon Finesse and Weapon Focus. The practitioner may also apply those feats to a light weapon if she wishes to fight with two weapons, but she must apply the feats to her main weapon first.

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