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Burmese Boxing is virtually antithetical to Bando. While Bando teaches use of its techniques in self-defense and favors long range attacks from outside the opponent's reach, Burmese Boxing is a hard-nosed offensive style that favors close-in fighting and grappling techniques. While there are no weight-classes, Burmese Boxing does have age categories based on the amount of time a practitioner has competed and the number of matches won.

Burmese Boxing matches are fought in four rounds. Rounds one through three are ended by a telling blow or grapple. The fourth round is ended only if the fighter is knocked out, bloodied, admits defeat or blood is drawn from the head (not the body). For this reason the head is the primary target of most attacks. Punching, kicking, head butts and throwing are all legal though attacks below the navel (including the groin), hair-pulling, scratching and kicking a down opponent are against the rules and result in disqualification.

Despite the relative lack of name recognition for Burmese Boxing this sport's practitioners compete against Muay-Thai boxers on a regular basis and Burmese Boxers reportedly win more than they lose, though some observers have attributed this to the average Burmese boxer being bigger than the average Thai boxer.

Prerequisite: Combat Martial Arts

Style Maneuvers

Unarmed 4 ranks: Legal Hit: you are skilled at landing blows legal in the sport of Burmese Boxing. When using the Precision Strike perk, your penalties to target locations above the waist are reduced by 2 additional points. This ability applies to Precision Strike attacks to the arm, stomach, chest and head.

Unarmed 8 ranks: Attack Focus (unarmed): +2 to attack rolls

Unarmed 12 ranks: Head Butt: once per encounter you may render an opponent flat-footed by striking him with your head when he least expects it. This ability renders targets with the Uncanny Dodge feat flat-footed as well.

You may use this ability additional times in an encounter by spending an Action Point.

This ability may be combined with the Crippling Strike, Critical Strike and Sneak Attack feats.

Unarmed 16 ranks: Attack Specialization (unarmed): +3 damage

Unarmed 20 ranks: Strength Training: +2 Strength

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