Greco Roman wrestling

Martial Arts Style

As basic and instinctive a combat technique as the punch or the kick, the grapple has likely been around as long as mankind in an informal sense. However, by as early as 2600 BCE in Egypt, techniques for grappling were codified into set locks and holds. However, it was in ancient Greece that this form of combat achieved its ultimate expression, as evidenced by the name Greco-Roman Wrestling, which is applied to the Olympic sport form of this technique. In Greece, wrestling was viewed as essential to the development of a youth's body and mind, and many of the greatest philosophers and scientists of the ancient world, such as Pythagoras, were also Olympic champion wrestlers. Wrestling was first included in the Olympics in 704 BCE, and the most famous practitioner of that sport was undoubtedly Milon of Crotona, a six-time champion. However, the Greeks recognized the military applications of wrestling as well, and pancratists, feared gladiators who fought with both wrestling and boxing techniques, accompanied Alexander the Great on military campaigns, and Pancratism is regarded by many as the world's first true martial art (Kung-Fu is a possible contender for this crown, as the first recorded use of Kung Fu dates to the 5th century BC).

Although the history above is Greek, every culture in the world has its own styles and traditions of wrestling. In game terms all of the external non-aesthetic methods are covered by this one martial arts style. Some examples include: Shuai-chiao (Japan), Cireum (Korea) and Naban (Burma).

Prerequisite: Combat Martial Arts, Improved Grab or

Improved Trip

Style Maneuvers

Unarmed 4 ranks: +2 damage bonus when attacking a prone target

Unarmed 8 ranks: Prone Fighting: +2 Defense while prone

Unarmed 12 ranks: Bear Hug: While you have a target grappled, you can inflict Unarmed damage automatically every round until he escapes.

Unarmed 16 ranks: Improved Trip: If you successfully trip an opponent with this feat, you may make a free attack against that target if you render yourself prone as well. This improved feat simulates the elbow drop, knee drop and similar combat maneuvers.

Unarmed 20 ranks: Strength Training: +2 Strength

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