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The heart of Martial Arts20, this section introduces real world fighting styles for characters to learn. Each style is a feat, and must be selected as normal. Style feats are a little different from standard feats, in that the benefits style feats provide grow over time. As a character's Unarmed or Weapons skills increase, she will unlock new abilities, in the form of maneuvers (which provide immediate benefits in combat) and improved feats (like the improved feats granted by Occupation, style-granted improved feats must be selected normally to provide a benefit).

Martial Arts styles: The most basic form of martial arts training, Martial Arts styles are generally taught at organized schools or clubs according to a standardized curriculum. Martial Arts styles grant five maneuvers/improved feats at Unarmed ranks 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20. Martial Arts styles are subject to the Know Your Enemy feat as normal.

Adaptable styles: These styles are either learned through experience (as opposed to following a set curriculum) or from a school that actively encourage the student to choose his own path. Adaptable styles have some advantages and some disadvantages over regular Martial Arts styles.

The most serious disadvantage of an adaptable style is that this type of style receives fewer maneuvers/improved feats than a standard style: three at Unarmed ranks 6, 12 and 20.

The main advantage of an adaptable style is that when the student is eligible for a new maneuver or improved feat, he may select any maneuver or improved feat from any martial arts style, so long as he has the required number of ranks to learn it. For example, at Unarmed rank 6, a student of an adaptable style could learn any maneuver that required 4 ranks from any style. Then when he received his second maneuver at Unarmed rank 12, he could learn any maneuver that required Unarmed ranks 4, 8 or 12 (meaning he could learn another rank 4 maneuver if desired). At Unarmed rank 20, the student can learn any maneuver (since all style maneuvers require 20 or fewer ranks in the Unarmed skill).

A secondary benefit of an adaptable style is that the student is immune to the Know Your Enemy feat. His style is too widely varied for the student to key on any tendencies and learn his weaknesses. This is why martial arts luminaries like Bruce Lee preached the benefits of adaptable styles.

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