Weapon Style

For the medieval Samurai, there were three major fighting styles: Jujutsu(Art of the Empty Hand), Kenjutsu (Art of the Sword), and Sojutsu (Art of the Spear). This fighting style was also widely used by the Sohei, Warrior Monks who protected temples. This combat style is still in use today in the Japanese military under the name Juken-jutsu (the art of bayonet fighting). Prerequisite: Attack Focus (spear) Style Maneuvers

Weapons 4 ranks: +2 damage rolls with the Aggressive Stance perk

Weapons 8 ranks: All-Out Attack: +1.5 attack bonus for every -1 Defense bonus rounded down

Weapons 12 ranks: Lunge: +2 on attack rolls with the Aggressive Stance perk

Weapons 16 ranks: Weapon Finesse (spear): your Dexterity bonus is increased by +2 for purposes of this feat Weapons 20 ranks: Agility Training: +2 Dexterity

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