Avernian Knight

Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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"Hellfire and steel are my weapons against darkness."

Prerequisite: Fighter and either Eldritch Pact (infernal) class feature or Pact Initiate (infernal pact) feat

You' re both a warrior and a warlock, steeped in the martial lore of the Nine Hells. You might have learned the sinister techniques of this path from another practitioner, from forbidden tomes guarded in brooding monasteries, or from the infernal patrons who answer your call when you dabble in the warlock's craft. Regardless of how you came to follow this path, you wield the power of an infernal pact; what you choose to do with your dark gift is up to you.

As an Avernian knight, you combine the power of a warlock's pact with exceptional skill at arms, weaving sinister spells into your weapon. In battle, you call upon your spells to scour your foes with infernal curses and punish them severely when they ignore your challenge.

Orders of Avernian knights are found in the Nine Hells and in other places where devils hold sway. Most who wield the power of the Nine Hells do so at the cost of their souls and are irrevocably sworn to the service of evil. However, you need not choose evil

The Nine Hells

to follow this path. Sometimes good heroes succeed in turning the power of evil against itself, finding a way to withstand the taint of the dark powers.

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