Bloodfury Hunter

"Angry? I'll show you angry!"

Prerequisite: Shifter, ranger

Every ranger needs to tap into the beast inside; this task is especially simple for a shifter like you. You have hones your senses. You can smell blood in the air and hear the sound of your foe's racing heartbeat; at times, you can even taste the fear you inspire. By embracing the animal inside you, you become a true hunter.

Some shifters suppress their animal instincts, but you crave the adrenaline rush that comes over you when you unleash your inner beast. Your muscles are charged and your senses are enhanced. It's at these times that you feel alive and you are most dangerous to your enemies.

You gain resilience through unleashing the beast inside you. You have spent extensive time alone in the wild, where beasts were your only companions. You have studied them, watched the way they move and

fight. Like them, when you become injured, you're even deadlier. You gain speed, strength, and ferocity. Your opponents would do well to eliminate you quickly; otherwise, they'll find that you're at your best when you're in the last throes of life.

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