Fighter Races

Player's Handbook 2 introduced three new races that offer excellent options for fighters.

Goliaths: Goliaths make outstanding fighters with their combination of Strength and Constitution. These ability scores steer goliaths toward the great weapon fighter and the battlerager builds. Wielding a two-handed axe or hammer in conjunction with the Goliath Greatweapon Prowess feat from Player's Handbook 2 lets a goliath fighter deal massive damage. In addition, the stone's endurance racial power allows a fighter without plate armor or a shield to be surrounded by enemies and still shrug off their attacks.

Half-Ores: Like goliaths, half ores are natural fighters. However, half-ores have a bonus to Dexterity instead of Constitution, which means that they favor different builds, such as the tempest fighter. Half-ores are also ideal for wielding weapons that rely on Dexterity, including heavy blades, light blades, spears, and some double weapons. Even if your half-ore doesn't use a build that emphasizes Dexterity, the ability bonus might help you qualify for some useful feats. Check out Two-Weapon Fighting and Armor Specialization, both from the Player's Handbook, and Two-Weapon Threat, from Player's Handbook 2.

Shifters: Although razorclaw shifters are agile and shrewd combatants, they lack the outstanding Strength that is ideal for fighters. Longtooth shifters, on the other hand, are as suited for the fighter class as goliaths and half-ores are. A longtooth shifter's Wisdom bonus is useful for Combat Superiority and as a secondary ability for many powers. Longtooth shifters lean toward the guardian fighter and the brawling fighter builds. They excel in controlling enemy movement. The longtooth shifting racial power is also great for fighters, giving them staying power in long fights.

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