Glorious Myrmidon

"The gods look upon my moment of glory and know envy."

Prerequisite: Fighter, trained in Athletics

You are a warrior of tremendous athleticism and skill. For you, battle is the ultimate competition—a contest in which your personal triumphs and deeds of daring will win you lasting glory. You measure your victories by the fame and recognition they bring you. Folks might say that you're proud, vain, or selfish, and that your hubris is an affront to the gods. You see nothing wrong in wanting to glorify the natural gifts the gods granted you or demonstrating to the world the rewards that can be won with courage, dedica tion, and skill.

You value fame, honor, and the stories of your triumphs over gold and other worldly treasures. You're on the lookout for opportunities to add to your own growing fame, not through bragging about what you've done but by testing yourself against worthy foes and producing evidence of your victories. If you can't fight the dragon on the village green, then at least you can bring back its head tied to your saddle horn to let everyone know that you bested the creature.

You have little interest in dishonorable victories or foes beneath your station. If you must give battle to unworthy enemies to protect innocent people, you might choose to set your own challenge by wielding ineffective weapons, using only simple attacks, or allowing your opponents the first strike. Defeating a band of goblins hardly adds to your renown at this point in your career, but defeating them with your bare hands-now there's a story.

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