Harrowing Swarm Archer

"My sight is supreme, and my attacks are relentless. You can't escape from a swarm."

Prerequisite: Ranger, Harrowing Swarm Student feat

Inspired by the way a wasp swarm engulfs an enemy, you overwhelm opponents with a mass of arrows or bolts. You are a master of the Harrowing Swarm style. You make relentless attacks that panic your foes and deliver seemingly endless waves of pain.

By perfecting the style, you can disrupt your opponents and cause lingering wounds. You have studied the wasp's streamlined grace and learned how to stay on the move and reduce the damage inflicted by your foes' attacks. A harrowing swarm archer does not balk at melee. You might pick ranger powers that are reactive or powers that allow you to shift quickly through battle. That way, you can quickly escape any dangerous situations and then strike back against foes that confronted you.

Harrowing swarm archers often train as town or militia archers before taking up the discipline. You

Samurai Artwork

might pursue adventure for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you seek treasure or fame, or maybe you want to hunt the most dangerous and feared beasts so that you can test your skill against them. As a harrowing swarm archer, you have made a study of nature, observing the physical defenses of natural creatures. You have applied those lessons to your own technique, so now, wherever you go, you feel confident that your foes will respect your sting.

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