Ironstar Mauler

"Aggression is the key to victory. Get in there and start mixing it up while your enemy is still trying to decide if it wants to fight or not. Hesitation is a luxury we can't afford."

Prerequisite: Fighter, Ironstar Student feat

You are a battle-tested master of the Ironstar combat style. You wield a mace or a flail as easily as a graceful elf duelist wields a rapier; in your hands, these cruel weapons are as light and quick as willow switches. You have spent countless hours attaining the necessary balance, concentration, and intuition to use these weapons effectively. With uncanny precision, you can crumple a shield, break a weapon-hand, shatter fangs, or crush a skull.

Beyond mastering the style's pure physical technique, you have absorbed the attitude and mindset of the Ironstar masters. Your chosen style is more than pure strength and savagery. You recognize that fearlessness, intimidation, and aggression are weapons every bit as important as the maces or flails you wield.

Warriors of different races and lands have devel oped techniques similar to yours, but none have studied them more carefully—or practiced them more fiercely-than the dwarf masters who originated the Ironstar technique. You have learned from their teachings and become a fierce and tough-minded warrior. You are the first to charge into the fray and the last to leave it. Enemies do well to fear you.

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