Kulkor Arms Master

"Swords are pretty, there's no doubt of it. But if you want to crack open plate armor or split a dragon's scales, you'll need a weapon with more hitting power."

Prerequisite: Fighter, Kulkor Battlearm Student feat

You are a well-traveled veteran, a pragmatic mercenary who has fought in a dozen different lands. Along the way, you've come to appreciate the virtues and drawbacks of various weapons. Sometimes you're a soldier, sometimes a bodyguard, and sometimes a freebooter in search of the next opportunity. Wherever you go and whatever you do, though, you're always a master of arms.

Many who share your combat style are heartless sellswords, fighting only for the next bag of gold. You might be motivated by coin, or you could find yourself drawn to a higher cause. Perhaps you pursue a calling as a wandering trainer, instructing castle guards and village militias in the effective use of their weapons. You might be a footloose traveler, searching for a worthy place or cause to serve with your martial skills. Or you might be a renowned troubleshooter, awaiting the next chance to test your skills against violent brigands or fierce marauders. You're willing to slay monsters and dangerous beasts if that's what needs to be done, but your true calling is to face enemies that have steel in their hands and prove your mastery over them.

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  • Gregory Young
    What are the prerequisites for the kulkor arms master?
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