Lone Wolf

"One by one they fall, until nothing is left standing."

Prerequisite: Ranger, Hunter's Quarry class feature

Through subtle manipulation and quick feints, you excel at isolating an opponent from a group. You use tactics like those of a wolf, focusing on your foe and drawing it away from any assistance. For you, combat is an art form. You choose your target with the same care that a sculptor chooses a block of marble.

You relish the point in battle when the plans of your enemies fall apart. In one-on-one combat, you fight on your terms. You are the razor that cuts out the heart of a group, leaving the rest of your foes in disrepair. You're a master at choosing the terrain you fight in and the opponent you fight against.

Even though you prefer to act on your own, you rely 011 your friends to confound enemies and split their focus. This strategy gives you the opportunity to move in and employ your skills. While the others in your group are busy engaging foes and helping each other out of danger, you're busy taking down the choicest foe.

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