Martial Fellowships

Martial characters who adventure and fight together sometimes form deep bonds of discipline, respect, and common purpose. The martial experience creates a powerful connection, whether that connection involves comrades in a military unit, a small band sharing a noble quest, or just a group of friends in a bar fight. Beingjanthar, a great fighter, isn't nearly as exciting as beingjanthar of the Black Griffon Company or Janthar who rides with the Seven Heroes of Legend.

Martial fellowships embody a common style, attitude, or modus operandi. Just as an individual character has his or her own personality and favored ploys, an adventuring company can develop a collective personality and tactics that make it greater than the sum of its parts. Here are a few suggestions for refining your own martial fellowship.

Competitive: You and your comrades appear to constantly be upstaging each other, seeking the greatest renown possible from each fight. You jockey to get in the killing blow against a worthy foe, you race each other in skill challenges, and you boast when you score a grievous hit. However, coming in second engenders no ill feelings—after all, you'll each have a chance to outshine the others next time.

Disciplined: Consummate professionals, you and your fellow adventurers drill together and practice cooperative tactics. Efficiency and results are what count for your fellowship. You might use military jargon to pass around tactical advice. You have developed standard methods for breaching doors, shielding injured comrades, and dealing with unseen foes. You're not after individual glory, because you're all team players.

Honorable: Courage, loyalty, integrity-these are your watchwords, and you live by them. You and your companions measure yourselves against a noble code. You do not strike down helpless foes, you do not slaughter prison ers, and you do not abandon allies on the field of battle. Friends and enemies alike admire your gallantry and know that you are heroes of your word.

Witty: For you, battle is an opportunity to demonstrate witty repartee and appreciate the ironies of a hero's existence. You and your companions make light of danger, laughing at your mistakes and tossing off ridiculous exaggerations. Rather than grimly killing each enemy, you might send humiliated survivors running with a few taunts to speed them on their way. After all, who will spread the story of your wit if you kill everything?

Wild Bunch: You and your friends aren't just a band of heroes; you are catastrophe waiting to be unleashed. You launch yourselves into battle with wild recklessness, storming through challenges on muscle and fury. When the battle ends, your fellowship relaxes as hard as you fight. No evening is complete without a protracted bout of drinking, brawling, and debauchery. You might be heroes, but everyone breathes a sigh of relief when you and your companions move on.

Fighter Attack 23

Trollclaw Grip

Fighter Attack 23

Your weapon is busy parrying the enemy's attacks, so you smash your fist into its vitals. Encounter ♦ Martial, Weapon Immediate Reaction Melee touch Requirement: You must have a hand free. Trigger: An enemy misses you with a melee attack Target: The triggering enemy Attack: Strength vs. Fortitude (unarmed) Hit: 1 [W] + Strength modifier damage, and the target is immobilized and weakened until the end of its next turn.

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