Master Of The Wilderness

As a ranger, you are both a competent warrior and the party's expert on nature. If you want to maximize your character's ability to guide your allies through the wild, choose the occasional utility power that assists them on their skill checks—for example, crucial advice or skilled companion from the Player's Handbook. Then select the Practiced Study feat (page 138). Many martial practices directly relate to outdoor adventuring or overland travel. Your fellow adventurers will greatly appreciate your ability to steer them swiftly and safely through trackless wilderness and brutal extremes of weather. Better yet, you'll feel as though your character truly is a master of the wilderness.

Level 25 Daily Exploits

Aid the Beast

Ranger Attack 25

You unleash a barrage of attacks from a distance, granting your beast the advantage.

Daily ♦ Beast, Martial, Stance, Weapon

Standard Action Ranged weapon

Requirement You must be wielding a thrown weapon.

Target One creature adjacent to your beast companion

Attack: Strength vs. AC (thrown weapon)

Hit: 2[W| + Strength modifier damage.

Miss: Half damage.

Effect: Until the stance ends, you can make a ranged basic attack once per round as a minor action against one crea ture adjacent to your beast companion. If you hit the target, it grants combat advantage to your beast companion until the end of your turn.

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