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As a rogue, your character has a large number of skills and is extremely versatile. Multiclassing is a good option for a rogue, and some matches are more obvious than others. The following are a few of the most interesting classes you can choose.

Fighter: If you chose the brutal scoundrel or the ruthless ruffian build, your character has a high enough Strength to make decent fighter attacks. It's easy to conceptualize your character as a lightly armored warrior who could be anything from a trained mercenary to a military soldier. Fighter powers can add defense or help you shore up a party weak in defenders.

Paladin: Of all the multiclass possibilities for rogues, paladin might seem like a strange choice. Paladins have a reputation for being righteous "do-gooders," but your character doesn't need to follow this archetype. A paladin can worship any deity, including deities that rogues favor. If you have taken one of the rogue builds that uses Charisma or Strength as a secondary ability score, you'll have a reasonable ability score for paladin attacks. Half-lings and drow make surprisingly good characters of this sort. As long as your character has a strong Dexterity and Strength or Charisma as a secondary score, he or she can succeed with this combination.

Ranger: The ranger class is a natural choice for multi-class rogues. Both have Dexterity as a primary ability score. If your rogue uses the cutthroat build, you can instead pick up two weapon ranger powers, which use Strength as the ability score for their attacks. The multiclass powers of the ranger allow your rogue to rack up high damage totals even at low level. Elf is a great racial choice because of its ability score bonuses and mobility.

Warlock: If your rogue has Charisma as a secondary ability score, multiclassing into warlock adds ranged arcane powers to his or her repertoire. The fey and dark pacts fit best and can help you create interesting role-playing hooks. The dark and unfathomable nature of these pacts can tie in nicely to a rogue who has a mysterious past. You can pick warlock powers that provide invisibility to work in conjunction with the Stealth skill and Sneak Attack. Halfling and drow are clear favorites for this combination's racial choice because of their ability scores, and eladrin, gnome, and changeling can also work.

Wizard: Even if it's difficult to pull off, the arcane rogue archetype is alluring. Although rogues don't require high Intelligence, you can choose the shadowy rogue build to gain a benefit from making your rogue a bit smarter. Your rogue can stay in the shadows, using both exploits and spells. You might focus on illusion and charm powers to reinforce a stealthy or mysterious demeanor. Spells that control the battlefield can hold enemies at bay, keeping you safe as you make attacks at range. Eladrin is an effective racial choice for this combination because of the race's « mobility and ability score bonuses.

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