Multiclass Fighters

Different backgrounds and interests lead fighters to explore various philosophies and methods of combat. A few interesting combinations are discussed here.

Avenger Few fighters have the Wisdom scores necessary to excel with avenger attack powers, yet characters who have a bonus to Wisdom from their race-dwarves, elves, and shifters, for example—can pull off this combination. Avenger powers provide a fighter with more "stickiness." With your avenger powers, you can pull enemies away from your allies. Once the enemies are adjacent to you, you can unleash close attacks to mark all of them and force them to fight you. Even if you take no avenger powers, the avenger multiclass feat Hero of Faith from Divine Power grants what is effectively a +4 bonus to attack rolls for 2 rounds by allowing you to use oath of enmity. Finally, the oathsworn paragon path from Player's Handbook 2 and the relentless slayer and weapon of fortune paragon paths from Divine Power provide interesting options for a character that is both fighter and avenger.

Barbarian: Multiclassing into barbarian as a fighter is a solid choice because the two classes share Strength as a primary ability score. The barbarian class offers a fighter similar powers-speciflcally, potent melee attacks-yet barbarian powers deal more damage than most fighter powers. This combination works well for battleragers and great weapon fighters. If you want to enter a rage, you'll need to use the Adept Power multiclass feat to gain a dally power. Most barbarian paragon paths have features related to rage, so if you don't have a rage power, consider picking a fighter paragon path that focuses on hitting hard.

Cleric You have great opportunities if you multiclass a battle cleric with a guardian fighter or a tempest fighter, because they share a focus on Strength, Wisdom, and melee attacks. The warhound of Bane paragon path (page 29) is a great fit for a character who uses both martial and divine powers. Other good options include the knight protector or the polearm master from Martial Power, and the angelic avenger, the pit fighter, or the warpriest from the Player's Handbook.

Rogue: If you multiclass as a brutal rogue with a Dexterity-based fighter build, such as the tempest or the brawler, you gain a mutual benefit from high Strength. The rakehell duelist (page 26) and the blade bravo (page 73) are ideal paragon paths for you as a combination of striker and defender. You might also consider the shock trooper and the death dealer from Martial Power and the kensei from Player's Handbook.

Warden: This combination works well because warden attack powers are based on Strength. The Defender of the Wild feat from Player's Handbook 2 is useful for a fighter. It allows you to mark each enemy adjacent to you even after you run out of attacks that target multiple enemies. Warden powers are optimal for controlling movement and keeping enemies nearby, so this combination can make the fighter a better defender; try mixing warden with the brawling fighter or guardian fighter build.

Warlord: The warlord and the fighter share Strength as a primary ability score, so they mix well. You won't be a great healer unless you invest a significant number of feats, but with even a few healing powers, you can help bolster your group. The warlord also offers tactical options to help the fighter organize the battlefield around him or her.

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