Multiclass Rangers

As a ranger, you can choose multiclass options to fit either a high Strength or a high Dexterity, giving you a wide array of options. Although any combination works, the following classes are best suited for a ranger's multiclass option.

Barbarian: Few combinations let you dish out damage like a ranger barbarian multiclass character. Both Hunter's Quarry and the barbarian's inherent damage increases pump up your damage. Dragonborn and goliath are superb racial choices for a ranger multiclassing into barbarian.

Cleric: If you select Strength-based melee cleric powers, you can use powers that fit the beastmaster build or the marauder ranger build. A longtooth shifter makes an excellent character of this sort.

Fighter: You can easily combine a beastmaster ranger or a marauder ranger with the fighter, because they use Strength and can wield the same weapons. If you have the Two-Blade Fighting Style, you'll need to avoid powers that require either two-handed weapons or shields. Warforged, goliath, genasi, half-ore, longtooth shifter, and dragonborn make fine racial choices.

Paladin: With the marauder build in this book, you can make an interesting ranger paladin. By using Strength-based ranged attacks, your paladin can easily maintain divine challenge against nonadjacent foes. Choosing dragonborn as your race makes your character even more exceptional.

Rogue: Few classes give you attacks based on Dexterity, but the ranger and rogue are two of them. It's easy for such a character to focus on Dexterity-based ranged combat options, but you can also use a decent Strength score to take advantage of both ranger and rogue options. Both classes are strikers, so the combination makes for deadly attacks. For your race, either half-ore or elf makes the combination stronger.

Warden: You'll probably need to skip the shield when playing a ranger-warden. Even without a shield, the warden's arsenal of powers provides your character with more durability than a normal ranger. Your character might best be a longtooth shifter or a goliath.

Warlord: Several powers designed for the archer warlord work well with Strength-based ranger powers. You can combine Hunter's Quarry with warlord powers that weaken your foe or grant allies bonuses against it. This deadly combination will make quick work of any enemy. Consider being a genasi when you want your character to become a ranger-warlord.

Isolation Strike

Ranger Attack 1

Your /lurry of attacks knocks your opponents back, allowing you to focus on a single foe.

Daily ♦ Martial, Weapon

Standard Action Melee weapon

Target: One or two creatures

Attack: Strength vs. AC

Hit: 2[W| + Strength modifier damage. If the target is not your quarry, you can push it a number of squares equal to your Wisdom modifier. Miss: Half damage.

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