New Class Features

You can select the following class features instead of another option, such as the ones presented in the Player's Handbook or Martial Power. You need not pick the hunter ranger build to select these features.

Hunter Fighting Style

When you choose a fighting style, you can select Hunter Fighting Style.

Hunter Fighting Style: You gain Quick Draw (Player's Handbook, page 200) as a bonus feat, even ifyou don't meet the prerequisites. In addition, you can sheathe a weapon as a free action and gain a +4 bonus to AC against opportunity attacks you provoke by making a ranged attack.

Running Attack

This class feature replaces the Prime Shot class feature.

Running Attack: Ifyou use a standard action that lets you move (such as a charge or the skirmish shot power), and you end that movement at least 2 squares away from where you began that move, you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls made as part of that standard action.

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