One Hand Free

Many fighter powers require a hand free. For your hand to be considered free, you can't be using it for anything else-that means no off-hand weapons (except for a spiked gauntlet), no two-handed weapons, no shields, and no items, such as sunrods or lanterns.

Already Grabbing: You can grab only one creature at a time unless both your hands are free, in which case you could grab two creatures at once. You must spend a minor action to sustain each grab, though.

Versatile Weapons: If you use a versatile weapon, switching your grip from one hand to two hands is a free action. However, if a power requires you to have a hand free, you must keep that hand free for the entire attack or until you use the hand for something that is part of the attack, such as grabbing an enemy.

Spiked Gauntlet: Your hand is free if you wear a spiked gauntlet (Adventurer's Vault, pages 9-10), even if you use the gauntlet to attack during your turn.

bonuses increase to +4 at 11th level and +6 at 21st level.

When attacking with a spiked gauntlet (Adventurer's Vault, pages 9-10), you do not gain the Brawler Style proficiency bonus with unarmed attacks, even if the Brawler Style proficiency bonus is higher than the proficiency bonus of the spiked gauntlet. However, you retain the bonus to grab attacks and to attacks to move a creature grabbed by you.

Combat Agility

This class feature replaces the Combat Superiority class feature.

Combat Agility: You gain the following power.

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