Ranger Attack 19Ringing the Bell

Ranger Attack 19

Your arrow injures your enemy, knocking it to the ground or pinning it in place. Once your foe is hampered,your beast companion leaps into action.

Daily ♦ Beast, Martial, Weapon Standard Action Ranged weapon (beast 1)

Requirement: You must be wielding a thrown weapon. Target: One creature Attack: Strength (thrown weapon) vs. AC Hit: 3|W] + Strength modifier damage, and the target is immobilized (save ends). In addition, the target loses its fly speed (save ends). Miss: Half damage, and the target loses its fly speed until the end of its next turn. Effect: Your beast companion shifts its speed and makes a secondary attack against the target. Secondary Attack: Beast's attack bonus vs. AC Hit: 2[B] + beast's Strength modifier damage.

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