"Each creature has the same recurring nightmare of the silent predator waiting to strike. Today, I am that predator, and you will not wake from an encounter with my claws."

Few common folk know the dangers that lurk beyond their fields. Hungry beasts, savage marauders, and mischievous fey prowl the forests and mountains. Yet it is here where the ranger is at home. A ranger travels where others hesitate to venture. Whether as a guide, a hunter, a tracker, or a scout, the ranger welcomes the challenges of the wilderness. Few can match the ranger's ability to adapt combat styles and deal with adverse terrain.

The ranger is a skirmisher, skilled at both melee and ranged combat. A skirmishing ranger might harry foes with ranged attacks before closing in and launching a brutal assault. Some rangers arc experts at fighting with both sword and bow. Others take advantage of thrown weapons, such as handaxes and javelins.

This chapter offers a suite of new melee and ranged powers for rangers, expanding the choices presented in the Player's Handbook and Martial Power.

♦ New Builds: One of this chapter's new ranger builds is the hunter ranger, which switches between melee and ranged combat and focuses on attacks that ambush opponents. The marauder ranger is the other new build. It creates a character who is fast and aggressive, specializing in the use of thrown weapons and charges.

♦ New Class Features: Running Attack is a new class feature that offers an alternative to Prime Shot. T his chapter also presents two new fighting styles you can choose: the Hunter Fighting Style and the Marauder Fighting Style.

♦ New Powers: Almost a hundred new exploits open up options for rangers using both melee and ranged attacks. The powers support the new builds and allow a ranger to make Strength-based ranged attacks or Dexterity-based melee attacks.

♦ New Paragon Paths: You can personalize your ranger using one of eight new paragon paths, including the darkstrider, the lone wolf, and the reaving axe savant.

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