Reaving Axe Savamt

"The only answer is to fight fire with fire."

Prerequisite: Ranger, Reaving Axe Student feat

You have grown up on the edge of society, living a life that forced you to perform deeds you want to forget. Combat was not a choice but a means of survival. You might have once been a pirate or a highway brigand. Now, you turn your talents against any that remind you of the monster you used to be. You bring the fight to your foe and don't discriminate against opponents. An enemy is an enemy, from a simple cutthroat to the vilest warlord.

You don't consider it your job to protect the weak and innocent; plenty of others accept that role. Your expertise is in understanding the ways of scoundrels and raiders, for their methods were once your own. You don't follow a lofty code or care how others see you-you fight dirty, and it suits you.

Your fight is with pirates that raid fishing villages, criminal organizations that collect protection money, or invading bands of drow that seek slaves for their Underdark homes. You need no rank and have no desire to be limited by any hierarchy. Interference from government slows down what you need to do. You might not be a traditional hero, but you fight traditional villains.

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