Shield Edge Block Fighter Attack

You block your foe's attack with a quick slam of your shield's edge, striking a powerful blow in the process.

Encounter ♦ Martial

Immediate Interrupt Melee 1

Requirement: You must be using a shield.

Trigger: An enemy adjacent to you hits or misses you with a close or a melee attack Target: The triggering enemy Effect: The target takes a -4 penalty to the attack roll. Attack: Strength + 2 vs. Fortitude

Level 77: Strength + 4 vs. Fortitude Hit: 2d6 + Strength modifier damage.

Slamming Rush Fighter Attack 3

You vank your grabbed foe across the battlefield. Upon reaching your destination, you slam it to the ground. Encounter ♦ Martial, Weapon Standard Action Melee 1

Target: One creature grabbed by you Effect: You move your speed. For each square you move, you slide the target 1 square to a square adjacent to you. The creature remains grabbed, and you do not provoke an opportunity attack from the target during this movement. Attack: Strength vs. Fortitude (unarmed) Hit: 1 [W] + Strength modifier damage, and you knock the target prone. If the target is adjacent to blocking terrain, add your Dexterity modifier to the damage.

Sweeping Slash Fighter Attack 3

You whirl your main weapon in an overhead cut that forces your foes to step back. You then follow up with your other weapon. Encounter ♦ Martial, Weapon Standard Action Close burst 1

Requirement: You must be wielding two melee weapons. Primary Target: Each enemy in burst you can see Primary Attack: Strength vs. Reflex (main weapon) Hit: You push the primary target 1 square. Effect: You shift 1 square and make a melee secondary attack. Secondary Target: One creature targeted by the primary attack

Secondary Attack: Strength vs. AC (off hand weapon) Hit: 2[W| + Strength modifier damage.

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