Shinaelestran Guardian

"No evil shall pass my domain unscathed."

Prerequisite: Ranger

In the depths of the Howling Forest lies a realm of wonder and magic-the eladrin city of Shinaelestra, the legendary City of Rangers. Each n ight Shinaelestra shifts silently across the veil separating the Feywild from the mortal world. It appears in the forest depths for a few hours before fading back to the Feywild at sunrise. The feral monsters and savage humanoids haunting the Howling Forest have learned to give the eladrin city a wide berth, for each night the guardians of Shinaelestra range far over the twisted paths and shadowed dells in search of evil's servants.

You have dwelt among Shinaelestra's vine-covered ruins and tree-shaded manses, learning from the great ranger lords who govern the city. You might have visited the city between adventures, or perhaps you lived and studied there long ago and have now reached a sufficient level of achievement to call yourself a Shinaelestran guardian. You are welcome to return to Shinaelestra any time you wish to take up service with Lord Calenon, the ruler of the city. However, the skills you learned in the City of Rangers are in great demand throughout the world, and you can honor your old mentors by battling monsters and savagery wherever they threaten people of good heart.

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