Skirmishing Warlord

You scoff at the notion that war takes place on the front lines. Your talents are akin to the skills of archers, sneaks, and scouts. You recognize that their contributions arc as vital as the efforts of melee combatants. You help allies by sharpening their timing, directing their maneuvers, and pointing out targets with your own ranged attacks.

New Class Features

You can select the following class features instead of another option, such as the ones presented in the Player's Handbook or Martial Power. You need not pick the skirmishing warlord build to select these features.

Archer Warlord

When you choose the Archer Warlord class feature, you lose proficiency with chainmail and light shields.

Archer Warlord: You gain proficiency with military ranged weapons. In addition, when you make a ranged basic attack with a bow, you can use Strength instead of Dexterity for the attack roll and the damage roll.

Commanding Presence

When you choose a Commanding Presence, you can select the following option.

Skirmishing Presence: When an ally who can see you spends an action point to make an attack, that ally can use a free action to shift a number of squares equal to your Intelligence or Wisdom modifier before or after the attack.

Suggested Options

Unlike other warlords, you focus on ranged attacks. Your attack powers rely on Strength for accuracy and power, though they reward Intelligence as well. You should choose Strength for your primary ability score, and you should also have a high Intelligence score. If you choosc the Skirmishing Presence class feature, you can use Wisdom or Intelligence, so pick one of those ability scores as your tertiary ability score depending on which other warlord build you want to dabble in.

Suggested Class Features: Archer Warlord*, Skirmishing Presence*

Suggested Feat: Archer Captain* Suggested Skills: Athletics, Endurance, Diplomacy, History

Suggested At-Will Powers: paint the bull's eye* risky shot*

Suggested Encounter Power: race the arrow* Suggested Daily Power: inspiring shot* *New option presented in this book

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