Steel Vanguard Master

"Trust only in/our steel and your skill. People will always disappoint you."

Prerequisite: Fighter, Steel Vanguard Student feat

You are a swordniaster of renown and an expert in the famous Steel Vanguard style. This style is based on the use of large, heavy swords such as the great-sword and the falchion. Few can match your skill and lethality with a two-handed sword.

Some combat styles are associated with specific schools, academies, or regions; the Steel Vanguard technique is not one of these styles. It was developed centuries ago in the mercenary companies that served the empires of old. Countless variations and embellishments have been added to the style over time. Currently, the mercenaries known as the Steel Vanguard practice the style, and dozens of distinct regional styles have their roots in the base style.

As a famed swordniaster, you might be sought out by students who want to learn your techniques or by challengers eager to earn a name by besting a warrior of your skill. How you deal with such challenges is up to you. Between adventures, you might run a training school, teach at a famous academy as a visiting instructor, tutor young nobles, or take on an

apprentice for a time. When adventure calls again, you set aside your lessons and once again use the martial skills you have honed overyears of fighting.

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