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As with other rogue builds, Dexterity is your most important ability score, because it boosts the accuracy and the potcncy of your ranged attacks. Powers for the build also gain benefits from Intelligence, so it should be your next highest ability score. If you plan to take any powers related to the brawny rogue build, make Strength your tertiary choice; otherwise, you should choose Charisma.

Suggested Class Features: Cunning Sneak*, Sharpshooter Talent*

Suggested Feat: Swift Footwork* Suggested Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Dun-geoneering, Perception, Stealth, Thievery

Suggested At-Will Powers:gloaming cut*piercing strike

Suggested Encounter Power: distracting shot* Suggested Daily Power: scattering shot* *New option presented in this book


Harrowing Swarm practitioners serve as mercenaries, brandishing their bows as crowd control. Their guilds work closely with city governments or powerful merchants. Leaf runners act as forest bandits or guards who escort illicit caravans through rival territories in the wild. Midnight Blade had its origin in the Shadowfell, and the guilds associated with this style that have sprung up also have their roots tied back to that plane. Members of these guilds travel in pairs and fight using teamwork. Mountain Thunder guilds fill their rolls with enforcers who aren't afraid to break a couple legs for whoever hires them. Red Cloak is more of a lifestyle than a guild, and its participants are clearly identified by their crimson attire. They work in guilds by day and run the rooftops by night. Silent Slayers join assassins' guilds, using stealth and ranged attacks to kill assigned targets.


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