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Martial Powerâ„¢ 2 is organized by class. The first four chapters contain new builds, class features, powers, and paragon paths for each of the four martial classes: fighter, ranger, rogue, and warlord. Chapter 5 presents new martial options, including feats and epic destinies for martial characters. It also introduces two new systems.

Combat Styles

This system enables you to pick a custom fighting technique to fit your character's background and weapon choice. When you use a weapon keyed to your fighting style, you can gain benefits that apply to some ofyour at-will and encounter powers as well as other advantages.

Martial Practices

Martial practices are routines and exercises your martial character knows how to do, or special talents your character possesses. With the proper martial practice, your character might perform an incredible feat of endurance running, forge magic arms and armor, or execute a free dive of astonishing depth and duration.

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