Warhound of Bane

"For good or for ill, the god of war guides my fortune."

Prerequisite: Fighter

The realm of mortals is the battlefield of the gods. Forbidden to manifest their power directly, the gods rely on intermediaries to fight their battles. Some heroes volunteer their strength to this divine cause, but not you. Your training taught you how to wield a weapon, not a holy symbol, and to place your faith in your armor and your own courage. As a warrior of outstanding courage and skill, you have caught the attention of Bane, the god of war. and his heavy gaze lies upon your battles and quests.

Some who fall under Bane's gaze embrace their role as paragons of war, serving the Black Hand willingly. You are not bound to this fate. Banc is a terrible tyrant, yet he has great admiration for mortals who excel in martial virtues such as discipline, courage, and skill at arms. Above all. Bane is delighted by victory. A hero who battles for good and eschews tyranny might oppose what Bane stands for, but if he or she is brave, skillful, and triumphant, the master of war is darkly pleased even in defeat.

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