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Learn how to master your squat, bench press and deadlift technique. You'll lift more weight faster than ever before. Lift Raw and Equipped if you don't know the differences between the two styles you could end up in trouble. Eliminate aches and pains. Develop a powerful mind-set. this will give you an edge in the gym and at competitions. Perform 10 easy-to-learn Pull-Up variations that you can use to build a stronger Back. Quickly design Conditioning and Recovery Workouts that will improve your strength, body composition and your health. If you want to build your Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. you must learn to stay tight because the tighter you get, the more weight you will lift. When you watch a beginner Squat there is usually a noticable lack of tension and this results in strength leakages (or losses of power). Here are some tips to think about when you Squat, Bench and Deadlift that will help you get tighter: When you Squat, tense your abs as hard as you can and flex your lats. This will give you the tightness and core stiffness required to Squat big weights.

Andy Bolton Strength Squat Bench Press & Deadlift Summary

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Mission Specific Activities

How do you train for these activities Long distance runs with shorts and running shoes are useful in promoting cardiovascular fitness, but do not adequately simulate load-bearing activities. Similarly, the number of bench presses you can do at a given weight does not ensure your being able to walk long distances with a heavy load. Moreover, some of the problems associated with load-carrying are musculoskeletal injuries and blisters. These can only be avoided (or minimized) by practicing the specific activity.

Physical Preparation Muscle Assessment and Training

A Fitness trainers frequently spot their clients too closely. Occasionally, a competent coach or trainer will employ tactile cuing in order to teach the athlete how to engage the appropriate muscles. Also, during heavy squats or bench presses, or difficult exercises such as ball crunches, always employ a good spotter. Otherwise, unwarranted close proximity to the athlete is distracting and even dangerous. The following section identifies some keys to perform an effective spot. The squat and bench press are good examples since these two lifts require spotting most frequently. Guidelines for spotting an athlete who is squatting include these six factors.

Ten Steps To Killer Quads

It's critical to realize that the deltoids come into play in almost every upper body exercise. When working the pecs, either with bench presses, flyes, or cable crossovers, you're also stressing the anterior deltoids. While hitting the back, the posterior delts get a workout as well. If you train shoulders the day after training chest or back, chances are that the shoulders may not be completely recuperated. If you wait too long, you'll have to hold off for a while before you hit either chest or back again which can throw off your whole schedule. Compounding the problem is the fact that many bodybuilders will train the shoulders using similar movements to those used while exercising the chest and back. Performing seated dumbell presses the day after doing incline bench presses is hammering many of the same muscles, most notably the front delts, which absorb the majority of stress in both movements. The problem here is twofold. One--the muscles in question become overtaxed which will...

The Science off Martial Art Training

The following analogy helps explain the adverse consequences involved in trying to mimic sport skills in the weight room. People who borrow a friend s car frequently have difficulty finding the ignition, locating the brake pedal, or getting used to the steering wheel. This scenario doesn't occur when riding a bike, or a motorcycle, or a riding mower. It seems to only appear in vehicles which are very similar to one's own car. This is because people develop highly-ingrained motor patterns. In a similar manner, performing squats and bench presses won't adversely affect striking skills, but spending lots of time imitating strikes with added weights certainly will.

Few Additional Thoughts About Designing Athletic Training Programs

4) Use common sense and intuition Athletes who are shaking and quaking during a set of squats are clearly lifting too heavy a load If one s legs are fidgeting all over the place during bench presses, yes, the weight is too heavy Athletes who perform a heavy workout the day before a competition should expect a poor result. Athletes with a cold, or a minor nagging injury should rest until the situation improves. The list goes on and on, but the moral is, listen to that little voice inside Athletes with chronic illnesses or injuries should be referred to an appropriate healthcare provider.

Oldtime Tricks For Newfound Muscle

This is a combination of isotonic and isometric exercise that is terrific for building strength at the weakest portion of a particular movement. For example, let's say your bench press is weak because you have trouble generating power at the lower portion of the movement. In that case, you would place a bench in the power-rack and put the pins a few inches above your chest.

Standing over head military press

Once again, do not expect to start performing these exercises immediately. They will take time to build up to. I do not have my athletes perform a flat bench press until they can perform 40 perfect reps in the push up. The squat & deadlift take even longer for them to start doing because we focus big time on the posterior chain in the beginning, performing a lot of the unilateral lifts listed above.

Creating Your Own

One thing I would like to see you purchase is a stability ball. If you plan to be using heavy weights then you purchase a burst resistant stability ball. This ball allows you to work your core during every exercise which is a key factor in improving your wrestling performance. The large variety of exercises you can do with the ball are endless. In addition, you can do the exercises with body weight or with free weights. Use the ball and do not feel bad to avoid using the benches. You should not use the flat barbell bench press too often anyway. As mentioned before, they are not very functional for wrestling because a wrestler will never lay still or flat. In addition, the fixed hand position on a barbell places undue stress on the shoulders. So use the exercise moderately.

Regarding weak areas GPP training can often fix these weak muscles As mentioned before for young athletes the weak

A note on the flat barbell bench press I do like to use this exercise for a beginner especially so he does not have to worry about balance and learning an exercise on a stability ball. Also, sometimes it is necessary to use a bench to load the muscle enough with heavier weights. As always, experiment and see what works best for you. Regardless though, variety is key The bench press is a great exercise when used moderately, not excessively as many young athletes tend to do. can RELEASE THE MEDICINE BALL. When you are able to release an implement it turns into a power exercise. Why Let me explain once again as a review. If I want to make the bench press a power move, no matter how fast I press the weight up, I HAVE TO SLOW IT DOWN right before the lock out or the bar will fly out of my hands This is not smart or safe, obviously Your body MUST put on the brakes With a medicine ball, you do not need to put on the brakes because you are explosively throwing or tossing the ball out of your...

Stretching methods for the pecs

Bench presses may be performed with a bar or with dumbbells. The bench may be flat (overall pectoral stress), inclined (more stress to the clavicular pectorals), or declined ( more stress to the lower pectorals). Lay on the bench, placing both feet on the floor (if this causes the curvature of your low back to increase, find a lower bench or place your feet on solid blocks to elevate them). Grasp the bar such that both hands are equidistant to the center, and make sure your thumbs are wrapped around the bar, rather than on the same side as your orher fingers. At the start, the bar should be directly over your nose if it isn't, slide yourself up or down on the bench until it is. Inhale and unrack the bar from the supports. As you lower the bar to your chest, keep your elbows directly under the bar, rather than in front of, or ahead of the bar. At the bottom of the movement, the bar lightly touches your chest at nipple level. Return the bar to the starting position (it...

Muscle Factors In Tendon And Muscles In Striking And Throwing Sports Science

The amount of weight that can be lowered without losing control (such as lowering the bar to the chest in the bench press exercise). Eccentric strength is During many skills (jumping rope, for example), the working muscles attempt to maintain static contraction, with force output provided by the storing and release of elastic energy through the tendons. Since static muscular activity requires less energy than dynamic muscular activity, reactive strength is an energy efficient way of moving its performing more work with fewer calories. This is why novice exercisers can always be seen doing exercises in the easiest possible manner (using quick, choppy movements) whether its on the bench press or the stair climber. Reactive strength is also the method of choice when someone who is tired and or weak gets up out of a chair. Instead of simply standing up, individuals will actually lean back first, and then quickly reverse this action, springing out of the chair. In...

Week 14 Combo Lifting Workout

On a note from Louie Simmons - perform extra GPP (general physical preparedness) workouts often & year round - do them to address weak points as well as to increase your ability to tolerate difficult workouts. GPP days do not necessarily need to be sled dragging and sand bag carries, etc. - they can be high rep days where you perform more BW exercises, liiht stability ball and med ball exercises, or hiih reps on the basic movements - bench press, squatting, dead lifting, etc.

Joint Problems and Injuries

Arguably the most popular current-day gym exercise, this great builder of pectorals also results in legions of shoulder wrecks. Besides contributing to the imbalance between the anterior and posterior muscles of the shoulders, the bench press has an almost mystical allure for many trainees, making it more of a demonstration event than a training exercise for many. The bench is the vehicle for more forced repetitions, heavy negatives, missed attempts, and bad training form than any other exercise. Over 90 of all shoulder injuries from bench pressing occur during the transition or amortization phase between the negative and positive portions of the movement. 2) Muscle Imbalance. As noted earlier, most trainees neglect the posterior shoulder musculature in training. Most popular gym exercises such as bench-presses, seated-presses, lat pulldowns, and so on involve internal rotation of the humerus at the shoulder joint. The movements that work the external rotators,...

The Principle of Variability

2) All programs have both negative and positive features, no matter how well designed or specific. Too much time on one program, and athletes demonstrate a tendency to habituate to the positive aspects and accumulate the negative ones. For example, the athlete who performs barbell bench presses every week may develop an imbalance between the front and rear deltoid muscles, despite the fact that he or she is not getting stronger on the exercise.

Dealing with Psychological Problem of Getting

If we decide to learn tennis, we realize that we will never be able to go on a court and whip a pro. Same thing with weightlifting -we realize we can't just walk into a gym and bench press 500 lbs. WE HAVE TO WORK AT IT - for years. Muay Thai - same thing. You have to work, for years, to get good. Really good. Yet for some reason many of us think we can just walk up to a professional boxer and knock him out. We view ourselves, inside, as the ultimate badasses when it comes to punching power. When we step into the ring for the first time and get the snot beaten out of us, we can't handle it. Our egos are shattered. How many of us have heard drunk idiots, watching the fights on TV, say Hell, I could kick his ass as they watch some fighter get defeated. Those who utter such nonsense deserve to be instantly teleported into the pit with the losing fighters they're ridiculing to see if they really can kick his ass. Their bold declarations would soon turn...

The Principle of Specificity

Commonly, instructors and athletes make the mistake of thinking that if an exercise mimics the desired skill, it is specific and will produce results. A very common practice involves trying to improve punching speed by rapidly punching with light dumbbells as fast as possible. But this method is flawed, because the angle of resistance is incorrect, assuming that this exercise is done while standing erect. A better approach would to be to perform dumbbell bench presses, which correctly aligns the muscle fibers against the resistance used.

How To Develop A Perfect Body

BENCH PRESS This exercise requires the use of a flat bench that has supports to hold the weight above your head and allows you to grasp and lift it. The bench press is very important for developing the strength and size of the chest muscles so we do more sets than usual on this exercise.

Why Create Your Own

What is functional strength Functional simply means that you are able to use it effectively for what ever endeavor you are involved in. Functional training for you might not be functional for a soccer player. The training philosophies outlined in this book will give you functional strength specifically for wrestling. Specifically, doing an exercise such as the flat bench press would not be very functional for wrestling for a number of reasons specifically, you never lay motionless on your back in a wrestling match, and then press upwards. Even though I like the bench press and still have some of my athletes perform the exercise, it is not a popular exercise with me But, picking up a weight from the ground and lifting it to your chest is very functional. Try lifting a sand bag up and placing it on a barrel or a table next to you. This move has you incorporate lifting from a low level and rotating - very similar to hitting takedowns and cutting the corner. The bench press does have its...

The Science of Martial Art Training

One & 1 4 bench press. (See bench press description above for general technique guidelines). Lower the bar (or dumbbells) to your chest, then raise it 1 4 of the way back up, then back to the chest, and then back up to arms length this constitutes one repetition. Complete for the indicated number of reps for each set. ALWAYS employ a competent spotter when performing any bench press variation. 45 30 15 dumbbell bench press. (See bench press description above for general technique guidelines).You'll need a partner to complete this exercise. Set the bench at a 45 incline. Perform 4 repetitions, and then have your partner drop the bench to a 30 incline. Perform 4 more reps, and re-set to a 15 incline, and then perform 4 more reps. Complete for the indicated number of sets. ALWAYS employ a competent spotter when performing any bench press variation.

No More Nonsense

Many football players boast about the weight they can bench press, without recognizing their lack of functional strength. With this book, I will teach you a new way to condition your body. You will learn to maximize your endurance, strength, and power with natural, functional exercises. These exercises will use your body as the primary form of resistance. As a Warrior you must train your entire body. Forget about the guys who bench press every day to build their chest for the beach. We all want to look good but not when it means sacrificing our ability to overcome and conquer the obstacles that lie ahead. Most iron pumping junkies cannot lift their own bodyweight over a chin-up bar more than 10 times.

Upper Body Madness

Most hardcore weightlifters smirk at bodyweight exercises for the upper body. These iron pumping posers are more interested in increasing their bench press and admiring themselves in the mirror. There are very few self-proclaimed gym rats who can perform 100 consecutive pushups. Why is this so The answer is simple. It takes much less time and willpower to bench press a bar for 8 repetitions. When you start working towards 100 pushups, your mind has much more time to consider changing exercises while your arms start swaying like a noodle in the wind.

Max Effort Days

On these days, you choose your first exercise to be the most important exercise of that day, and the heaviest. This exercise will probably be a dead lift, some form of the bench press, barbell squats (if you have access to a squat rack), Romanian Dead Lifts (RDL's). You would perform sets of 5 - 6 reps on this first exercise. Shooting for heavy weights as well, but still having 1 or 2 reps left in the bank. After the focus exercise, you would follow with supplementary exercises (bodybuilding exercises). Close grip bench press

Week Set 1Set

Correct lifting techniques are critical for achieving maximum benefits and preventing injury. Lifting form, speed, and breathing techniques are all important for weight training. The lift should be performed as a controlled movement with proper form. Do not compromise your form as it will not help but rather increase your chance of injury. The appropriate speed of lifting needs to be applied to all exercise movements. When performing exercises, such as the bench press, squat, biceps curl, lat pull-down, etc., the weight should be moved at a rate of 1-2 seconds in each direction. This will ensure your safety and optimize strength training.


Medicine balls are commonly used for many of the exercises. This is a ball that weighs no more than 10 of your typical training weight. For example, if you regularly train with a 200 pound bench press, then the medicine ball you use should be no more than 20 lbs. These balls can bo covered with leather, plastic, rubber, or any type of fabric.

Explosive Arms

In general, the same progression is used for explosive arms as it is for explosive legs. First, you must begin with an all-round strength training for the shoulders and arms. Thus, for the upper body you should do exercises such as bench press, overhead presses, incline and decline presses, lateral arm raises, medial shoulder joint rotation, bicep curls, triceps extensions, supinations-pronations, ulna and radial flexion, and finger flexion. After getting a strong muscular base from these exercises, you can do combination exercises such as an isometric hold followed by an initial explosion in the beginning position. For example, when doing the bench press, hold the barbell close to your chest for a count of 5 and then maximally explode to raise the barbell. However, make sure the weight is heavy enough so that when you explode the bar will be slowing down and stop as your arms come to full extension. To ensure that

Chest In Time

When working any fast twitch muscle group for size and strength, it's best to use compound movements. These can be defined as basic exercises that allow for the use of heavy weights. Compound movements not only place greater stress on the targeted muscle but they implement many of the stabilizing muscles as well. In contrast to the compound movement is the isolation exercise. These are movements that are designed to hit specific parts of a muscle and bring out detail. A perfect example of a compound exercise is the bench press. It's a simple movement, yet it requires proper execution and balance. It also brings many assisting muscles into play such as the triceps, the serratus magnus, and the anterior deltoid. It is its simplicity that makes it so effective. But it comes with a caveat, as you'll see. Unlike a machine exercise, maintaining proper form during the bench press with a free weight barbell requires more of the nervous system, which in turn makes the exercise more anabolic....

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