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Paul Becker, Body Building Historian reveals the techniques that body builders USED to use back in the golden days of bodybuilding that have gone ignored for years now. They old bodybuilders like John McWilliams didn't get big because of genetics No they put in the hard work that it takes. This eBook course teaches you the old school, tried and true way to build strength and power in your arms. This book will teach you how to get huge arms Without steroids, how often you should train arms, how to add a 1/2 inch to your arms in only ONE day. When you order Huge Arms Fast, you also get three FREE eBooks as a bonus: How to Gain 1 on your arms in One Week, How To Build a Super Powerful Grip, and Old School Bodybuilding Advice. Sometimes the old ways really are the best, and that is definitely true in the case of bodybuilding. Continue reading...

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ARE YOU WORKING YOUR BICEPS TO THEIR FULLEST There'll be no preface to this article. There isn't any need to discuss the appeal of the bicep muscle and its importance to one's overall appearance. Everyone already knows that. Instead, let's get right to the point Biceps training is probably the most simple form of all bodybuilding exercise, yet thousands of bodybuilders fail to stimulate bicep growth with ample success. There's a reason for that. There's also a solution. If you're among those who never seem to get a good bicep pump and would like to rectify the situation, read on. Although it's rarely addressed, the standard curl doesn't directly affect the bicep -- at least that's the case with some people. It all comes down to your anatomical make-up. For an unlucky bunch, the main contributor is the brachialis muscle, which runs underneath the outer part of the bicep. That's the muscle most responsible for drawing the hand toward the shoulder. Naturally, as the resistance is...

Regarding weak areas GPP training can often fix these weak muscles As mentioned before for young athletes the weak

Here is a perfect example of training the wrong way I walked into a high school weight room. The kids in there were the football players. There were squat racks and 2 dead lift platforms. They were all EMPTY I saw kids doing STRICT barbell curls and another one doing one arm preacher curls. I did not see one athlete churning out any complex moves. No squats, no dead lifts, no hand stand push ups, dips or pull ups. These complex moves are gut busting and tough. The results they deliver are awesome never the less This football team had a poor winning record as well

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FORM Turn your left toes out and pull back to your left side with your left hand as your right hand circles high from left to right (clockwise). Continuing the circle, turn your palm up when your biceps are on a line with your shoulder. Simultaneously, your right foot comes forward on its toes, a fist-width ahead of your left. Next, push forward with your left hand under your right as your right foot goes forward.

Ripping Out The Eyeballs

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Reach over his am and dig your fingers into the soft flesh on the inside of his biceps muscle. Press against the brachial artery that lies between this muscle and the adjoining triceps to numb his arm and restrict the flow of blood to his hand. Or, reach deeper and press the tips of the index and middle fingers into the nerve and blood vessel plexus in his armpit to deaden the arm by pressing the median nerve that supplies it.

Stretching Methods for the Latissimus Dorsi


When using a close grip, the same general technique applies, except that athletes will experience a greater degree of elbow flexion, which increases involvement of the biceps muscle. Despite myths to the contrary, varying grips do not have different effects on the ultimate shape of the lats. However, regularly varying the grip will probably result in more complete development, and better strength through a variety of angles. Chin-Ups. Performed the same as pull-ups, except that chin-ups are performed with a supmated (palms facing) grip, which increases biceps involvement. The closer the grip, the more the biceps are involved. Chalk or lifting straps may be used to secure a good grip.

LU 5 Chize Cubit Marsh

CHI means ruler or ulna, zE means marsh, the CHI part of the name refers to the ulna aspect (from the wrist to the elbow). The point is in the depression of the elbow fossa at the ulna aspect. The QI of the channel is infused here, like water flowing into a marsh. On the cubital crease, on the radial side of the tendon of the biceps brachii. The point is located with the elbow slightly flexed. Located in the origin of the brachioradialis muscle. This point can cause great damage to the whole system. It can cause knock out when struck with for instance a back-palm and using a dead arm . This is where the arm is totally loose with no tension at all and is thrown at the target making use of the heaviness of the arm itself. It can be used as I have already mentioned several times, as a set up point, or it can be used all by itself as a devastating strike. The whole upper body is put out of balance both physically and Qi wise. A strong strike can also cause brain damage. Because this point...

How To Develop A Perfect Body

These curls use the dumbbells again and start out the same as the regular dumbbell curl, but once you get to the top, the returning motion is different. Stand in the normal position and raise the weight, one at a time, up to the sides. After the weight is all the way up, turn the arm sideways as if you were arm wrestling someone and let the weight cross in front of the chest and then return down.

Detailed Outline Chokes

(d) Exert pressure with your biceps and forearm on both sides of the opponent's neck on his carotid arteries. (e) While maintaining pressure with your biceps and forearm on both sides of the neck, draw the opponent closer to you by drawing your right arm in. (2) Grasp your left biceps with your right hand and place your left hand against the back of the opponent's head. your biceps and forearm on both sides of the opponent's neck. 3. POLICY (5 MIN)

Lost Secrets From The Golden Age Of Bodybuilding

It would seem the problem is that so many of today's bodybuilders have forgotten that bodybuilding is an art form. As odd as that may seem in this size at any cost era, there is an artistic component to bodybuilding that would be advisable to reinvestigate. Case in point, the first Mr. Olympia, Larry Scott, had a pair of arms that rival anyones today, but he also had narrow shoulders and a wide waist. It seemed unfathomable that he would one day be considered the best in the world. But Larry worked extra hard to sculpt ( an old fashioned word if ever there was one) his shoulders and perfect a series of twisting poses that would diminish the size of his waist and accentuate the size of his arms. Illusion, presentation, art. These days, someone with Larry's disadvantages could simply take as many steroids as he could afford (or that his metabolism could tolerate, depending on his affinity for receptor site acceptance), shoot some Esciline into his shoulders and, well, pretty much wind...

The Principle of Specificity

There are many aspects and applications of the principle of specificity, and you will find it necessary to evaluate your training program point by point. For instance, are you doing large volumes of aerobic endurance training when your sport demands anaerobic endurance instead Or, are you performing lots of biceps curls, even though they are not needed for your event Do you train your upper body to the neglect of your legs, which play a much more important role in your sport Is your diet carbohydrate based even though you are a strength athlete Or, are you a boxer who spends a great deal of time stretching, even though a great

Repetition Tempo

Move the weights under control yet with speed at the same time. Lower the weights under control and NEVER let them drop. For those of you just starting with the weights, you need to move down slowly and under control. This allows you to keep proper posture during the exercise. An athlete who is more experienced with strength training can vary rep tempo more so than a beginner obviously. If you can not control the weight, it's too heavy. Dropping the weights on the downward portion of the rep eliminates half of the rep, which then makes half your set a waste of time. Take the dumbbell curl - press combo. When I curl the bells' up I use a little body swing to explode the weights up to my shoulders quickly. Then with no rest I press them quickly upward & give a slight push from the legs. I lower the weights under control down to my shoulders and once again slowly lower the weights down to my side. As you become more advanced, you can begin lowering the weights quickly, NOT SLOPPILY...

Week Set 1Set

Correct lifting techniques are critical for achieving maximum benefits and preventing injury. Lifting form, speed, and breathing techniques are all important for weight training. The lift should be performed as a controlled movement with proper form. Do not compromise your form as it will not help but rather increase your chance of injury. The appropriate speed of lifting needs to be applied to all exercise movements. When performing exercises, such as the bench press, squat, biceps curl, lat pull-down, etc., the weight should be moved at a rate of 1-2 seconds in each direction. This will ensure your safety and optimize strength training.


45-Degree Incline Dumbbell CurL Do not allow the elbows to shift forward during the concentric portion of the lift Allow the arm to completely straighten on the bottom. Squeeze hard at the top. Swiss Ball Preacher Curl. Position the upper arms over the ball as when using a preacher bench. Use either a straight handle, pair of dumbbells, or a handle attached to a low cable, and perform the curls for the desired number of sets and repetitions.


The hamstrings are a slang term for three muscles the biceps femoris on the lateral (outside) side of the leg and the semimembranosis and semitendinosis on the medial (inside). The hamstrings collectively originate on the ischial tuberosity (posterior and inferior pelvis) and insert into the tibeal tuberosity (back of the upper shin bone) and posterior aspect of the upper fibula. Although most people think ol the hamstrings as the muscle that causes flexion at the knee, this muscle also causes hip extension, and inversion (turning in) and eversion (turning out) of the foot. The hamstrings are antagonistic to the quadriceps and the hip flexor muscles.

The Lung Meridian

Heaven Residence Tianfu

On the medial aspect of the upper arm, 3 cun below the end of the axillary fold, on the radial side of the biceps brachii, 6 cun above LU 5. Immediately there is like an electrical shock that goes up and down the arm causing momentary or long lasting paralysis of the arm. Being a window of the sky point it will also upset totally, the balance between heaven and earth or head and body causing great emotional problems that will only get worse if left untreated. Emotionally caused problems such as confusion and loss of memory will occur at a later stage. This strike will also give an extreme case of instant vertigo

Kettle Bell Pullover

Combination Kettlebell Lifts

Put it to rest, isolation is neither possible nor desirable. Make a fist. A white-knuckle fist Observe how tension involuntarily overflows from your forearm into your biceps, shoulder, even the pec. This is the neat 'muscle software', called irradiation, at work (see Power to the People Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American book for a detailed explanation). Counterintuitively, contracting muscles other than the ones directly responsible for the task at hand the deltoids and triceps in the case of the military press does not take away from the prime movers' power, but amplifies it Especially if it is the abs and glutes that you are flexing. A good arm-wrestler loads all his muscles with high-strung tension before the ref yells 'Go ' A great arm-wrestler will load even before he grips up with his opponent. And an amateur who waits for the referee's command to pull before turning on his biceps finds himself pinned without knowing what has hit him. even your biceps.

The Heart Meridian

Heart Meridian

When the elbow is flexed, the point is 3 cun above the medial end of the transverse cubital crease, (HT 3), in the groove medial to the biceps brachii. This point will slow the heart rate sufficiently to make his feel really ill. This point is also an excellent nerve point strike affecting the whole arm and sending a shock wave into the upper body. Knock out has been affected using this point.

Elbow Flexors

The elbow flexors consist of three muscles the biceps brachii, the brachialis, which lies directly under the biceps, and the brachioradialis. Although most people think of these muscles as elbow flexors only, the biceps also contribute to shoulder flexion and supination of the hand. Unique Characteristics. The arm flexors tend to be a mix of fast- and slow-twitch fiber, and therefore are best trained through the use of varied intensities. Since the biceps has two heads, it can be selectively trained by varying the shoulder position during the exercise. Since the biceps is often thought of as a show or beach muscle, biceps training is often over-worshiped by young male trainees, but also excessively discouraged by well-meaning coaches and instructors Length Assessment and Stretching. As long as the athlete can fully flex and extend his elbow and supinate the hand, the biceps has adequate length.

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31 Days To Bigger Arms

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