This is the world's first DVD for the Hayastan grappling system's beit-promotion qualifications. Topics include neck locks, cranks, rib crushing, chokes, neck strangles, neck holds, arm locks, elbow locks, shoulder locks, hip locks, ankle stretches, knee stretches and groin stretches. DVD Code 9371-Retail $99.95

Volume 1—INTRODUCTION TO KICKBOXING: Basic foot positioning, breathing and balance, jabs and crosses, leg blocks, angles, pivots and weight transfer, leg kicks, hip power and kicking with lead. (Approx. 50 min.) VHS Code 8930-Retail $29.95

Vblume 2-BASIC STRIKES: Hand strikes, jabs and uppercuts, range, power through hip rotation, elbow strikes, spinning elbow strikes, punch and elbow combinations, elbow strikes over the top, hooking elbow, strikes to Thai pads, choosing a target and much more! (Approx. 52 min.) VHS Code 8940-Retail $29.95

Volume 3-KNEE STRIKES: Front knee strikes (muay Thai style), knee targets, knee strikes to a Thai pad, strikes to a half-bag, strike from the clinch to the midsection, side knee attacks to the midsection, finding your range and more hip-power explanation. (Approx. 48 min.) VHS Code 8950-Retail $29.95

Volume 4-FUNDAMENTALS OF KICKING: This tape covers back leg kicks with Thai pads, head kicks with and without Thai pads, using the shin bone, push kicks (left and right), shin strikes to the neck and head, switch kick from back leg, kicks to the head and finding your kicking range. (Approx. 45 min.) VHS Code 8960-Retail $29.95

Volume 5-COMBINATIONS AND DRILLS: Jab cross hook to right-leg cross, inside leg to right-hand hook, right-hand left hook to body kick, left push kick to right knee, left hook to right head kick, two-man banana bag kicking drill, half-bag push kick and knee drill. (Approx. 48 min.) VHS Code 8970-Retail $29.95

Buy all 5 VHS tapes for $119.80-Code X128

GENE LEBELL'S GRAPPLING WORLD: The Encyclopedia of Finishing Holds Volume 1

Gene LeBell is one of the greatest submission grapplers to ever wear a pair of wrestling tights or a judo gi. Known as a master hooker and shooter in professional wrestling, LeBell has spent years writing this massive book on the art of finishing holds. It's his legacy to the world of grappling: 520 pages outline in great detail more than 1,000 finishing holds plus grips and handles, catches and grabs, foot and leg controls, armbars, shoulder locks, wrist locks, straight leg locks, ankle bends and twists, chokes, neck locks and cranks. This book is a must-have for the grappler in training! 520 pgs. (ISBN 0-96765-431-9) Book Code 9359—Retail $44.95


The techniques shown in Gene LeBell's Pro-Wrestling Finishing Holds are the most decisive ways to win a wrestling match. The unique advantage to being a master of finishing holds is that you dont have to be bigger or stronger to win. Instead, it's the use of leverage and knowledge of opponent-ensnaring techniques that give you the advantage. LeBell's techniques can be applied to professional matches or on-the-street self-defense situations. Includes one book and one 2-hour DVD. Book & DVD Combo Code 9369-Retail $129.95


FOR BRANCHES OF LAW ENFORCEMENT AND THEIR INSTRUCTORS ONLY This is the first book on grappling with a club, presented by the world-famous Gene LeBell. These control techniques are the ultimate in non striking methodology that law-enforcement and security officers can use, including takedowns, restraint and come-along moves. This book combines elements of U.S. military baton techniques, Brazilian-JuJutsu grappling techniques and other arts. Includes one book and two Book & DVD Combo Code 9370-1


The Ultimate Karate Bible

The Ultimate Karate Bible

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