Aikido is one of the best-known martial arts in the world, yet the meaning of the word aiki is not well understood. Most people, including many of the 1 million who study aikido today, are probably familiar with Morihei Uyeshiba's famous interpretation—namely, universal love and harmony. In the classical Japanese martial arts, however, it has a different—and definitely more combative—meaning. Uyeshiba's own jujutsu teacher, Sogaku Takeda, defined aiki as "the ability to defeat an enemy with a single glance."

So which one is right?

terpretation of the word changed significantly by the time aikido was formed.

The koryu bujutsu were the arts in use during Japan's feudal era beginning around the 15th century and ending in the late 19th century. They were primarily systems of combat practiced by the professional military classes rather than the civilian population. They included arts by Dr. Nick Hallale such as jujutsu and kenjutsu.

The modern budo—which include karate-do, judo, aikido and kendo—don't focus on combat to the same extent. They're considered vehicles for spiritual development and self-improvement, although great skill in fighting may certainly be achieved, as well.

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The concept of aiki can be found in some of Japan's koryu bujutsu, or classical martial arts, and should not be thought of as unique to aikido. However, the in

Legend tells that daito-ryu techniques were developed from sword-fighting methods.

Shown to the right is a short-sword kogusoku application from the ono-ha itto-ryu style of kenjutsu. Note how the actions of the left hand (parrying and controlling the elbow) and right hand (thrusting) are similar to those of the ippondori, the first unarmed technique of daito-ryu (opposite page). Ippondori would later be modified by Morihei Uyeshiba to form aikido's ikkyo technique.

Ancient Philosophy Of Aikido

Ancient Philosophy Of Aikido

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