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Surviving Armed Assaults

A Martial Artists Guide to f~ '~~\ Weapons, Street Violence, /—L\ and Countervailing Force September by Laivrenct A. Kane

D.iv-e (i[i;sMiiiui. KUlblogy Research Group "...a terrific addition to any serious library..." - Bany Eisler, Auihur tremendous." - Peter Omstcrdine, Comb&l AssodEilion

" tliis superb text." - lain Abemethy, British 1 V'ini).;l Association HFM ISBN: 1-59439-071-1

The Ultimate Karate Bible

The Ultimate Karate Bible

Stop being the victim. Long lost manuscript will show you exactly how to humiliate your enemies with a few secret moves. Stop for a minute and picture this you're walking home alone one night. It's just a regular night like any other and you are eager to get home.

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