August 2006

Boston, MA-August 4-6, 2006 — Introduction to Wudang Sword with Grandmaster Qian Timing. Beginner's instruction in Chinese straight sword skills. Basics, form,applications taught in 3 day workshop. Contact: Meridyth Rancourt, P.O. Box 80543, Stoneham, MA 02180; tel: 781-438-4980; email: [email protected] Bayshore, NY- August 5, 2006 — George Dillman Seminar. Contact Richard Reinheimer (631) 206-0127, Atlanta, GA- August 13, 2006—George Dillman Seminar. Contact Cliff Botlon (678) 680-2881, (678) 596-4777 Phoenix, AZ-August 19, 2006—George Dllman Seminar. Contact Bill Burch (480)614-9290, [email protected]

Jeet Kune Do

Join the oldest and Largest, the JKD Association under Professor Gary Dill from the Oakland JKD school. Scientific Streetfighting, the original JKD. Videos, seminars, camps, group & private classes. Instructor's program

JKD Association P.O. Box 3396 Bartlesville, OK 74006 "AH new website" Email [email protected]

Bruce Lee Martial Arts Training Revealed

Bruce Lee Martial Arts Training Revealed

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