Basic To Intermediate Shootfighting

Learn the art of shootfighting with these excellent videos!

Volume 1-Shootfighting Against Wrestlers (Approx. 50 min.) VHS Code 8660-Retail $29.95 Volume 2-ShootfightingAgainst Boxers (Approx. 45 min.) VHS Code 8670-Retail $29.95 Volume 3—Shootfighting Against Kickboxers (Approx. 43 min.) VHS Code 8680-Retail $29.95 Volume 4-Shootfighting Entries (Closing the Gap) (Approx. 50 min.) VHS Code 8690-Retail $29.95 Volume 5-ShootfightingTakedowns (Approx. 50 min.) VHS Code 8700-Retail $29.95 Get all 5 VHS tapes for $119.80-Code X123

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

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