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Cold Steelr makes the world's strongest, sharpest knives and now for the third time in ten years we are offering our customers a Iree all new DVD called, "Solid Proof to back up our claims. See for yourself as we put our knives through unbelievable torture testing. Watch them perform incredible feats of strength, sharpness, edge retention and above all cutting power. We know after watching this new DVD you'll want to share it with your family and friends.

Also Includes Bonus DVD featuring "Sword Proof,"

"Big Bore "Blowguns,"and "Spears in Action."

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Steel Training Division, and Prolessor Anthony Delongis This DVD set is designed as a senous, straightforward and focused course dealing solely with the combative use ol the saber and cutlass.

The senes begins by illustrating how oppose an opponent who is armed with a similar weapon. This is the best way to build the necessary loundation ol skills, techniques, and eye-hand coordination that will allow you to oppose a broad spectrum of adversanes who are armed with all kinds of street weapons. Alter learning these basic skills you will be ready to progress to the seldom taught subjects ol infighting, grappling, and brawling with a saber or cutlass.

The Ultimate Karate Bible

The Ultimate Karate Bible

Stop being the victim. Long lost manuscript will show you exactly how to humiliate your enemies with a few secret moves. Stop for a minute and picture this you're walking home alone one night. It's just a regular night like any other and you are eager to get home.

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