Covered Topics

• Advantages ol the Tomahawk

• Customize and Sharpen your Tomahawk

• Fighting Stances and Postures

• Chopping. Cutting 4 Slashing

• Stabbing, Slapping, Hammering. Gouging, and Sawing

• Using the "Hawk" to Push, Pull or Hook

• Avoiding Blows. Stop Hitting, Counter Slashing, Blocking, Parrying, and Using the Empty Hand

■ How to Defeat Disarm Attempts

■ Stopping the Charge and Defeating Grapplers

• Strength and agility Dnlls

• Distance judging drills

■ Identifying and Exploiting Weakness and Opportunities

■ Training Drills, Sparring Dnlls and Actual Sparring

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

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