Covered Topics

• On Guard Stances and Postures

• Nine Footwork Methods and Drills

• Seven Primary Thrusts S Seven Primary Cutting Hethods

• Defending your Knife Hand

• Evasion Patterns and Techniques

• Parrying, Stop Hitting, Counter Slashing and Thrusting

■ Blocking with your Knife

■ Using the Empty Hand for Defense and Offense

• Recogniting and Exploiting the 21 Common Openings

• Eleven Pillars of Strategy

■ Training Drills to Develop Fighting Skill

• Sparring Instruction and Demonstrations

This DVD ii a comprehensive look at the relatively unknown Indonesian and Filipino art ol "The Fighting Sarong". Ron Balicki has named in Sarong fighting for over 20 years and is sharing his vast knowledge with you today. You will leam how to use the sarong against an attacker who comes at you with punches, kicks and grappling. Learn what to do il your opponent met to counter you or grab onto your sarong. Ron will also teach you how to use the sarong to defend yourself against a knife. In this series ¡rou will also get a special section taught by Martial Arts legend Guro Dan Inotamo.

Self Defense Belt

II you are suddenly attacked, a heavy walking stick or stout cane can be a great comfort. This DVD set will give you the necessary skill and confidence to overcome muggers, gang members, and other street lowlifes determined to attack you or members of your family.

• Defend yourself against an opponent who's trying to wrest your stick away Irom you.

• Perfect your defense by learning how to stop hit. counter slash, block, parry, pass and shield.

• Learn the Power Stroke, the Fan, the Drop Stroke, the Flurry, the Wrap Stroke, the Punyo, and the Redondo. And much much more...

In addition to its use as a cattle prod, whip, and a means of self protection, the African Sjambok is also known as a formidable snake killer. Its considerable reach, lightning speed and devastating impact make child's play of dispatching some of the biggest snakes. And you can imagine how devastatingly effective it is on two legged predators as well. A light blow can raise a serious welt while a heavy stroke can cut through thick clothing as efficiently as a raior, leaving a fearsome yet non-lethal wound. In this DVD. Lynn Thompson, President ol Cold Steel® will teach you how to use the Sjambok to defend yourself and your loved ones.

World's Strongest,

Bruce Lee Martial Arts Training Revealed

Bruce Lee Martial Arts Training Revealed

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