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The author also made an absurd statement that Indians didn't practice the martial arts prior to the Bruce Lee era. In India, the martial arts were suppressed for a long time under British rule, and those who learned them had to do so in secrecy. They treated the arts with great respect and believed that in battle, the element of surprise was essential to survive. In those days, there were no point tournaments. Battles were fought to the death on elevated platforms called anga thattu.

As you can see, India has a long and proud martial arts history. In the future, Tennyson should refrain from making statements about subjects he's not sure of.

Dr. V.K. Prashant via the Internet

Who's More Vulnerable?

The ignorance that some people in the martial arts community have regarding the effectiveness of grappling never ceases to amaze me. In his letter titled "Is It Really a Paradigm Shift?" (Black Belt, February 2006), Frank Livoti made the following statement about eye strikes and gouges: "There hasn't been a bout in any mixed-martial arts event or so-called reality-fighting tournament in which a grappler's eyes weren't vulnerable."

Actually, the person who's most vulnerable to eye strikes is the person who's unfamiliar with grappling. A grappler will take you down and land on top of you, then put you in a position of control where you're relatively immobile and cannot escape—such as in a head-and-arm hold. Your head is pinned to the ground and relatively motionless, which facilitates the application of eye attacks. The grappler will be on top of you and very mobile, which allows him a variety of offensive options: punches, elbows, knees, joint locks, chokes and, yes, eye gouges.

Livoti wrote: "What happens when you employ an armbar on the street? Does your assailant tap out? If he does, do you let him go—only to have him attack you again? Or do you simply hold onto him indefinitely?" No, there's no tapping on the street. When you employ an arm lock, you apply full force, break his joint and destroy the elbow or shoulder. That will take the fight out of most people. Of course, you could indeed hold him there until help arrives. It's your option.

The letter writer also stated, "To give up 30 or 40 pounds is to tip the scales heavily in favor of your opponent." The beauty of the grappling arts is that they teach you to use the principles of leverage and technique to defeat a larger and stronger opponent. Having practiced judo and Brazilian jujutsu for many years, I can tell you that plenty of guys I train with who are 30 or 40 pounds lighter than me can kick my butt on a regular basis.

He went on to write: "Lying on the ground waiting for your opponent to exhaust himself so you can apply a m

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