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"Can You Become Seven Times Stronger than the Average

Person Without Lifting Weights?"

WARNING:This may not be for you!

Dear Friend,

I once saw an old farmer lift the rear end of a pickup truck and push it off the ice where it was spinning its wheels. He had never touched a weight in his life. But that's nothing compared to the little old ladies who have performed the same feat in an emergency!

"Here's another one for you to chew on..."

A nine-year-old boy playing on a construction site had an 1800-pound cast iron pipe roll onto him. As he struggled in the sand, a passerby who was a 56-year-old heart patient ran up and lifted the pipe off the boy's head. By the way, how's your dead lift?

These are amazing and true accounts of superhuman strength performed by ordinary people. "You've got to be wondering as I once did - how can you tap into the source of such power? Oddly, the creation of such a mighty force does not require bulging muscles. If you will for a moment, consider a fire hose..." When not in use, it is soft and pliable, but when water is flowing through it, not even the strongest of men can bend it. Actually, the body itself has twelve similar hoses, called meridians. Peter Ragnar

You can consider these as internal rivers of energy that connect to your organs. Your internal water is an electrically and magnetically charged flow of liquid crystals on which the force of life travels.

"The ancients called this force Qi (Chi). The stronger the flow, the healthier and more vital you become."

Your body also has eight storage locations that act as batteries for this power. Can you remember a time when your car's battery didn't have enough juice to turn over its engine? Well, I'm going to show you how you can supercharge your body's engine to performance levels that you've only dreamed about until now.

"When NASA scientists discovered that an absence of exposure to the earth's magnetic field results in a loss of bone density..."

They installed magnetic field generators in all manned spaceships. When your bone marrow shrinks and dies, so does your immune system and cell production. You can see why the experts place so much importance on magnetism. Do you know the earth has lost more than 90% of its original magnetism? Some researchers believe that if it loses much more, life on earth will become impossible. Do you think increasing your own physical magnetic field might be a good idea?

"The ancient Qi Gong masters recognized this impending reduction thousands of years ago."

"This is why I use 12,500-Gauss Rare Earth Magnets embedded in our specially designed Iron Magnetic ThunderBalls."

They designed exercises to combat this loss and employed magnetic lodestones. Additionally, these masters used "iron Qi balls" to heal and strengthen the body. Recently, I heard a Qi Gong master who was famous for her use of Empty Force state that "...this practice will make you seven times stronger than the average person. "And that was without using Magnets and Iron ThunderBalls!

For the first time, the secret is revealed in this step-by-step, easy-to-understand program. The Art and Science of Physical Invincibility will at last disclose how you can transform yourself from a mortal, disease-prone human into a super-being! Does that sound like something that might interest you? Then when would be the best time to begin this program?

This is whatyo^nreceivein your course: THE ART & SCIENCE OF PHYSICAL INVINCIBILITY

✓ An 8.5 X 11 Step-by-Step Instructional Manual on how to begin to realize your full potential to achieve physical invincibility.

✓ A pair of specially crafted (under Peter's direction) iron 12,500-GAUSS MAGNETIC THUNDERBALLS.

✓ The New Instructional DVD - The Art and Science of Physical InvincibilitV. All this for Only $197. plus $15. shipping.

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NEW! "Never Be Tapped-Out by Pain Again. Now You can have Miraculous Pain-Free Healing!"

It was 9:50 on a Friday morning, of all times the worst situation seemed to be happening. [ was struggling to get my pants on. My left knee wasn't cooperating. You see, it was swollen to double its size, and wouldn't fit in the pant leg. Well, barely...

You're probably saying, "So what? Stay home!" Unfortunately, 1 already was home, and outside my office door ¡n my living room sat over a hundred people, including a few who had traveled several thousand miles at great expense to attend this seminar 011 energy work. (Well, at least 1 still had my voice!)

Now, in less than five minutes, everyone would expect me to gracefully walk out. I would then, as in the past, walk, talk, and stand for three full days. With my hand now on the office doorknob, a slight flicker of doubt whispered, "How are you going to pull this one off?" Opening the door, seeing all those smiling faces, I didn't have time to chide myself. Yes, I'd been foolish! I should have known better and backed off. But, oh how I love to train. That's how I rc-damagcd the cartilage in my knee. (Too many sidekicks against the wall, and drilling knee bars with my full contact students didn't help either.)

I thought 1 had aced the first session, but during the break a few folks asked what 1 had done to my leg. 1 couldn't fake the enormous swelling or the limp. The sensible course of action would have been to gel into bed and elevate my leg for a few days. Others would have run to the doctor for x-rays and pain killers. But for me, miraculous pain-free relief was just around the comer - literally, I mean.

I had ¡n my office our first prototypes of f 2,500-Gauss Rare Earth Palm Magnets. 1 knew that when used in Qi Gong, your Qi (chi) soars to the stratosphere. But now I was curious - how effective would they be in relieving pain and in promoting rapid healing? Here was the perfect test, and I was the perfect guinea pig. In the audience were athletes, Qi Gong practitioners, martial artists, and health care professionals who generously offered assistance. But I had to refuse, even though I knew some of those modalities work. I needed instant relief! Would these Rare Earth 12,500-Gauss Magnets prove more powerful than herbs, massage, acupressure, and so on?

I rccallcd an articlc in which Baylor College of Mcdicinc (Houston) researchers experimented with Ihe healing power of magnets. Their findings indicated that magnets caused changes in the body's pain-receptor cells, which in turn triggered the brain to release enkephalin, the body's natural pain killer. In one doubleblind study involving subjects suffering from post-polio syndrome, magnets enhanced the physical rehabilitation process hy seventy-six percent. And they used small, single magnets.

Okay, I thought, if small magnets can cause the brain to release

Got Chi? Try This! Imagine Grabbing Your Opponent Like Popeye Grabs a Can of Spinach! Discover the Secrets of Magnetism.

Peter is lifting a 451b dumbell with one of these magnets!

□ Yes Peterf Please rush my pair of 12,500 Gauss Rare Earth Palm /Wag/rets and a 12,500 Gauss Rare Earth Magnetic Meditation Headband. Send $87.00 + $5 S&H

enkephalin, what would these powerful magnets do? On the one hand, 1 could imagine the damage incurred by standing for three days on a knee that isn't fit to walk on, not to mention bearing the pain. If I were wrong about the magnets, I would risk a permanent, disabling injury. But I was confident.

In the April 2003 issue of Sciencc News, the University of Virginia, working under a grant from the National institute of Heath, reported tlial dilated or constricted blood vessels in laboratory animals can be positively affected by using magnets to alter blood flow in damaged tissue. The magnets that Uiey used were only 700 gauss, and for as little as only fifteen minutes. I was soon to find out what a pair of 12,500 gauss magnets would do.

During the lunch break I connected the pair of Rare Earth Palm Magnets together around my knee, one magnet on each side. To my surprise... instant relief! The afternoon session went quite smoothly. That night I slept with them strapped to my knee. The next morning, I had almost no limp and the swelling had gone down considerably. Again, for the second day in a row 1 stood on my feet all day, walking and talking. ! repeated the magnetic therapy again that Saturday night. Sunday came — no limp, no swelling! How could this possibly happen? Not only miraculous, pain-free relief, but healing too! At the end of the three-day seminar, I felt like dancing. In fact, that's exactly what I did! And we've got it all on videotape, with over a hundred witnesses.

The trick of such miraculous healing is found in those 12,500 Gauss Rare Earth Magnets (which, by the way, arc some of the most powerful made}. And here's the best part: they're inexpensive. When you combine these magnets with healthy, live food, you'll magnetize solar photons in every cell of your body. Why, you'll feel invincible!

Magnetic researchers Davis and Rawls stated, "In research experiments with small and advanced animals and man, in the case of the willing subjects, we have found that the magnet's North pole only, when applied to the brain, can and will upgrade the senses of the perception."

They also cite successful government investigations into mental telepathic data transfer as a means of inter-space communications. How odd these "new" studies, when in fact certain Qi Gong practitioners have used magnets to enhance ESP and anti-aging since ancient limes. Of course, nothing close to the strength of our 12,500-Gauss Rare Earth Magnets were available then.

Use of these magnets not only evokes a feeling of invincibility; you'll find yourself physically performing at levels that will astound you! Doesn't that sound like a good idea? Who wouldn't want to run, jump, and play like a little child, plus have the physical strength of the so-called "prime of life"? Why not give them a try? You'll have nothing to lose but your limitations!

Here's to never being tapped-out again. Peter Ragnar Order on our Secure Web [email protected]


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