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Copyright <£> £006 Wal Go USA, inc. All ftlfills RiüWvod camp they fall in, and as such, they don't take my comments the wrong way. The bad press usually comes from traditionalists who swear that their system is self-defense for the here and now and who claim that their art is reality-based. They want it both ways: to be traditional and realistic.

Consider the following incident: A year ago, I unintentionally riled a lot of traditional martial artists when I wrote that no police agencies or military units practice kata because the solo training sequences aren't relevant to modern self-defense. I pointed out that if practicing kata was valuable, then police, military, corrections and security personnel—and terrorists, for that matter—would do it. But they don't. And the letters poured in.

Now, some of you are no doubt hearing my argument for the first time, and you're probably saying to yourself, "I believe kata training helps me prepare for real conflict." If that's the case, I must ask, "Oh, really?"

Tell me which kata prepares you to survive a terrorist attack at an airport terminal? Which kata prepares you to fend off two predators trying to drag you into a van? Which kata will enable you to stop a mugger standing 10 feet away with his finger on the trigger, screaming for you to drop to your knees? Which kata can help you predict how six gang members might jump you and what kind of concealed weapons they'll use?

If you were to have someone like Jo-sephus watch you perform your kata— and it is a performance—would he say, "Wow, it looks like I'm actually watching a street fight"?

When the Romans trained for combat, they did so against multiple opponents who made contact with non-lethal weapons made of wood. They didn't have one fighting stance for training and a different one for fighting. They didn't have a training outfit and a fighting outfit.

I started with kata as my example, but we can put this Roman template over any type of self-defense training. If your weapons workouts focus on spears, nunchaku and swords, your training is not reality-based. Today's criminals use firearms, knives, explosives and a plethora of impact weapons. In my years as a soldier and police officer, I was never attacked with a three-sectional staff or a broadsword. For realistic self-defense training, you should employ Air-Soft guns, marking blades and padded batons, and you should learn what to do in a hand-grenade attack and where to sit on the subway to avoid a terrorist bombing.

If your training concentrates on ground training with submission holds, it's not reality-based. Ground training is important, but it's only part of a fight. Even so, if it's going to look real, your ground training must include acts that simulate smashing your opponent's head on the floor or wall (using helmets), deploying and using a concealed weapon (a rubber knife or AirSoft gun) and avoiding going to the ground in the first place.

When someone walks into your school for the first time, will he feel frightened or compelled to call the police? If so, your training is like that of the Romans. If you're using stage blood during your knife disarms and an attacker is allowed to rush you any way he wishes, you're training like the Romans. If you're standing by the water cooler (prop) and a classmate starts firing a paintball gun or AirSoft pistol, you're doing what the Romans did. You're doing reality-based training.

If you're a traditional martial artist whose goal is not self-defense, fine. There's nothing wrong with that. Likewise, if you're a mixed martial artist who strives to rule the ring, great. It's an admirable endeavor. The main thing is to know which of the three categories you fall into, then be the best you can be within it. >•<

About the author: Jim Wagner is a police and military defensive-tactics instructor and a civilian reality-based personal-protection trainer. For more information, visit and click on Community, then Black Belt Authors. To attend a special clinic conducted by him, register for Black Belt's 2nd Annual Festival of Martial Arts. For details, visit http://www. and click on the festival logo.

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