Shannon Lee Keasler's efforts to preserve andpropagate Jun Fan jeet kune do, the art founded by her father Bruce Lee, are well-known to the readers of Black Belt. What aren't as well-known are her plans for expanding the role the Bruce Lee Foundation plays in the dissemination of information about the Little Dragon and his fighting art. To remedy that, Black Belt proudly presents the complete story, straight from the source. —Editor

Black Belt: What's the first new thing hasn't been too informative or interac-

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Bruce Lee Foundation? Black Belt's 2nd Annual Festival of Martial

Shannon Lee Keasler: The Web site is Arts at the end of July. We're going to do launching soon, and we intend to add to our public launch of the Web site there.

it as time goes on. It's exciting because We'll have computers with access to the we've had a temporary Web site that site. We'll also have merchandise for sale,

Linda Lee Cadwell

At the Helm of the Revamped Bruce Lee Foundation, Shannon Lee Keasler Is Taking Her Father's Art to the World!

Interview by Edward Pollard

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