High Impact


Essential striking, whipping & swinging combinations DVD-NK1 $29.95

Bo and Sai Kata

5 Traditional Isshinryu Kata for the Bo and Sai DVD-ISR1 $29.95


Korean Kendo, demonstrated by experts DVD-KUMD $29.95

Short Stick

Fundamentals and patterns of the Joong Bong DVD-JSD22 $29.95

Haedong Kumdo

Korean sword art forms and cutting demos DVD-KCA3 $29.95

Long Stick

Fundamentals and patterns of the Jang Bong DVD-JSD25 $29.95

Ultimate Kicking

Over 100 kicking drills, exercises & training methods DVD-UKD $29.95

Solo Training

Train at home: build speed, strength, accuracy. DVD-SLT $29.95

Ultimate Kicking

Over 100 kicking drills, exercises & training methods DVD-UKD $29.95

Solo Training

Train at home: build speed, strength, accuracy. DVD-SLT $29.95

Ki: Internal Energy

Documentary on the science of internal energy DVD-KI $24.95

77 Fun MA Drills

Martial arts classroom drills to reduce boredom DVD-77D $24.95

Ultimate Fitness

Over 100 martial arts fitness drills/exercises DVD-UFS $29.95

I Injury Prevention

Train safely: injury care & prevention + first aid I DVD-ICP $24.95


Learn the most challenging Taekwondo kicks. DVD-AKV $29.95

Taegeuk Poomse

Learn the eight Taegeuk Poomse.

DVD-TKD31 $29.95

Black Belt Poomse

Learn the 9 WTF Black Belt Poomse. DVD-TKD46 $29.95

Complete Sparring

Progressive instruction in full contact sparring DVD-TKD21 $29.95

Complete Kicking

TKD kicks for white belt to black belt and beyond DVD-TKD40 $29.95

Beginner Taekwondo

Perfect for new students to practice at home DVD-TKD35 $19.95

Jujitsu Volume 1

The fundamentals of traditional Jujitsu DVD-JJ1 $29.95

Muay Thai

Learn the key skills of this hard hitting style. DVD-MT $29.95

Secrets of Breaking iW Learn power breaking from a world record holder. DVD-BRK $29.95

Hapkido Essentials

Learn over 75 stand-up skills of Hapkido. DVD-HKD5 $29.95

Kickboxing 1

The core punches and kicks of full contact DVD-KBX1 $29.95

Wrist Locks

Take control without permanent damage. DVD-JSD21 $29.95

Wrist Locks


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Chinese grip-training tools. As the practitioner went through his empty-hand forms, he held bricks to improve his grip and the synergistic power of his body. While modern practitioners still use bricks, stone padlocks have been replaced by kettlebells, which allow for a wider range of exercises. Kettlebell training is unique in that it radically improves wrist and shoulder strength while boosting whole-body power. For a chin-na stylist, that wrist strength can mean the difference between losing control over an opponent and applying a solid submission, as well as having the strength to nullify a wrist lock.

When it comes to developing speed, a partner is ideal. If one isn't available, several types of apparatus can be used. For quick grasping, try a sealed canvas bag filled with ball bearings, pebbles or even beans. By tossing it up and catching it in different ways, you can fine-tune your ability to snatch an opponent's limb or the clothing covering it. If you have access to a partner, have him throw the bag to force you to engage your hand-eye coordination to cope with its unpredictable trajectory and speed.

Another solo training method is belt cracking. Start with a sash, a belt or even a chain, then fold it so it's roughly as long as your arm. Place one hand at each end. While practicing footwork patterns, snap the belt hard enough to make it crack. Doing so will develop your grip strength and the quick-twitch muscles you need to seize and manipulate an opponent.

Sensitivity is the final piece of the attribute puzzle. The easiest way to develop it is to practice a given technique on a partner at 50-percent power and speed. He allows you to complete the move technique, and you relax so he can effect an escape. Then he applies the same technique on you. As the two of you improve, you can add techniques to the flow. It will eventually turn into a step-by-step progression, with both sides learning responses and counters to techniques.

It's essential to avoid the urge to muscle your techniques into place. Working at reduced speed and power allows you to sense when your technique is being countered. You'll gradually develop the ability to flow seamlessly into another technique, hopefully one your opponent is not as prepared to defend against.

At the final level of sensitivity training, you execute techniques on a partner who feeds you a variety of attacks in a freestyle manner, from kicks and punches to grabs and tackles. As you progress through this exercise and the methods listed above, you'll want to revisit each one at the four situational levels. Once you've progressed through all that, you'll find that your skill at chin-na has risen significantly. >•<

About the author: Mark Cheng is a traditional Chinese-medicine physician and martial arts instructor based in West Los Angeles. For more information, visit http://www.blackbeltmag.com and click on Community, then Black Belt Authors.

WTF Standard Taekwondo Poomsae DVD

by Master Shuny Bee

Master Shuny Bee is an International Referee and Master Instructor under the World Taekwondo Federation has made for the first time ever a DVD version explaining the eight elements, which represent each of the official standard forms. This DVD is a high quality official Poomsae available in 3 camera angles which can be used as a guideline for championships, consulted as a textbook in Seminars for students, Instructors and Referees. Cost: $39.99


Finally you can find Master Shuny Bee author of the book, "The Way of the Nunchaku" demonstrating his cool moves you've never seen before. The DVD includes the basic exercise along with the most advanced techniques of blocking, striking, swinging and spinning in his recent DVD called "Dynamic Nunchaku" which is the complete course of single Nunchaku techniques. This DVD is made for two purposes - combative and demonstration. DVD ... $39.99 Book ... $24.95 Book & DVD ... $54.99

CONTACT: Bee Martial Arts, 6114 SE King Road, Milwaukee, OR 97222 USA Website: www.beemartialarts.com • email: [email protected]


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if mtm

if mtm


Colors: white/black stripe, black/black stripe Colors: white, black

Sizes: male 7-¡3, female 5-/2, kids /,5-/1 Sizes: male 7-14, female 5-12

U.liLUl Willi

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Kettlebell Advantage

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