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remained standing. Alessio attempted armbar after armbar against his own head while Sanchez tried to effect a choke. By the time the bell sounded, neither man had won, but Sanchez scored a unanimous decision.

Young lion Brandon Vera continued his rapid ascent to heavyweight-contender status by defeating Assuerio Silva with a guillotine choke two minutes 39 seconds into the first round. The two traded kicks and jabs, and Silva endured an eye poke before taking Vera down. Unfortunately for the tattooed Brazilian, Vera had his head in the choke position as he landed, and it was sunk in too deeply for his foe to escape.

Welterweight Mike Swick scored another first-round win, this time against a talented but apparently jinxed Joe Riggs. The two circled and danced, then Swick lunged for a clinch. Moments later, he kicked Riggs in the head. Shaking it off,

Riggs shot in for a takedown and in the process got caught in a guillotine that ended the fight at two minutes 19 seconds.

American-born Brazilian-j'u/'utsu talent Dean Lister made his first octagon appearance against vale tudo fighter Alessio Sakara of Italy. The match ended at two minutes 20 seconds when Sakara locked on a triangle choke from the rear.

Jeremy Horn pulled off a clean armbar submission after Chael Sonnen tried to work the striking angle, putting an end to their bout one minute 17 seconds into round two.

Melvin Guillard knocked out Rick Davis at one minute 37 seconds with a clouting right hand. The result proved there's more to this alumnus of The Ultimate Fighter than a physique and an attitude.

Lightweight Matt Wiman wanted to defeat Spencer Fisher with his grappling skills, but Fisher proved himself a durable and slippery opponent, one who can turn the tables with the right attack. Indeed, it was a solid Fisher right that caught Wiman off-guard, opening him up to a flying knee he never saw coming. The KO was declared at one minute 43 seconds into the second round.

Gabriel Gonzaga and Fabiano Scherner went at each other like two enraged bulls, exchanging massive blows, knees and takedowns. Gonzaga had the edge in pushing the action and did enough damage to Scherner's right eye to warrant a quick check from the ringside doctor. Although it remained unclear whether he was seeing double, it was decided to continue the fight. As the second round started, Gonzaga targeted the same eye, then took Scherner down and forced a referee stoppage when his defenses all but disappeared only 24 seconds in.

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